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The Sting Interview

Rick Beato: “I have waited years to be able to have this conversation with Sting and longtime guitarist Dominic Miller. It was recorded at The Power Station Berklee NYC. Sting shares his thoughts on the creative process, songwriting and his music past, present and future. We discuss both The Police and his solo career as well as his influences from J.S. Bach to the Beatles.”

A Cool Interview with Bob Olhsson

Hi gang :)
I found a very cool interview with Bob Olhsson on YouTube, where he talks about ALL kinds of interesting things. Things like EMT Plate Reverb, Chamber, (both of which at the time were known as "echo", not "reverb"!)
He also talks about things like the acoustics of the room; before Motown had their studio, it was a photography studio, and they had installed a soft pine floor so that they could nail gear down, (like camera tripods and such) and as it turned out, the soft pine floor ended up being a great thing acoustically for the recording studio. :)

Choices for recording during interview

Hi gang,

Some of you might know I started to do some video work and it paid off.
I got a project in a company where recording of interviews for training is needed. I've done only one yet but I hope I could do more.
I brought my laptop, a Sennheiser wireless lavalier with its receiver base and my Focusrite 8i6.
The audio was ok but with some room noises (a big AC noise) but UA NS1 took care of it and the result is pleasing the customer.

Tape OP, Rod Argent interview

Remember Rod Argent/The Zombies

Just a quick FYI, there's a very cool interview with Rod Argent in this month's Tape OP Magazine.
One of the things he mentions is how The Zombies were recording at Abbey Road 3 in '67, and The Beatles had left their (John Lennon's) Mellotron there, The Beatles having just finished recording the Sgt Pepper album - and it ended up being a large part sonically to their Odessey and Oracle album. Argent mentions that he would have never thought of using a Mellotron had there not been one at Abbey Road.

Warren Huart interview with Lenise Bent

Lenise Bent has some awesome credits.
She got started as an intern at Leon Russel's studio, went to school and ended up working at iconic studios like United Western and Village Recorders.

She worked on albums like Supertramp's Breakfast in America, The Band's The Last Waltz, and worked as one of Roger Nichol's AE's on Steely Dan's Aja'.




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