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Outboard Gear Processing setup


I would like to try the Outboard Gear Processing for my recorded audio like Vocal and Bass Guitar.

I normally have my clean recording on both, then processed and toning via plugins. And I would like to use some outboard gears like Compressor, EQ, Bass Amp Head...for that.

Question :

What's the basic setup/chain should I do for a single track?

Ableton live vocal processing (advice needed)


Hi there. We decided to move on to Ableton for live processing vocals on stage. We found that Ableton provides many effects which can be used in many different ways. Currently we've got Ableton 9, Line 6 digital wifi mic and NI AUDIO KONTROL 1 sound card. Everything is ok in my home studio, but once we go in the club and plugin our gear in the sound system we have a lot of feedback.

Replacing Acoustic drums to Hip hop drums

I'm tracking an ep currently that is a trip-hop, rock, jazz group.
Spent allot of time at the mic and drums getting the sound as close as possible to what we want, now it's time to emphasize that.

The drums sound i'm after for most of the songs is along the lines of the drums you can hear in these two songs.

My Hybrid Processing Rack

Check this out, its the processing section of my hybrid rack just completed today ( well if it ever is) 35 years at it and I can honestly say I like it all and it works lol! I mean, I'm very satisfied with it which has only been said a few times over those years. The Bricasti's and the Eventide are something else. Incredible acoustic simulators. They glue everything in the most amazing way.

Software for Batch Processing Audio Watermarks

I have a need to insert an audio watermark (basically an audio file repeating the name of the company) into thousands of audio files. I'm having a hard time finding software that can streamline this batch process. I basically need to merge a single audio file with thousands of others keeping in mind that the lengths of the audio files vary from 7 seconds to around 10 minutes.


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