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Drums & Percussion

Recording drums in my home studio - journal thread

It's my first post on the forum so - Hello!

I'm starting this thread to show my journey with learning how to record and mix drums in my home studio (and some bit of music productions too), so any advice and tips are more than welcome!

Here is my latest recording:
Some grooves inspired by my almost half-year stay in Central African Republic.


DIY Drum Recording Article

Hey guys,

I wrote a blog post about recording drums on my studio website. I want to help out bands who record themselves, be it demos or proper albums. Bands are going the DIY route more and more these days.

Often I get sent sub-par tracks to mix so am attempting to raise the bar a bit!

I would appreciate some feedback on the post, thanks!


How To Make Midi Drums Sound Real

I've been challenged in the last 19 months to create music VERY fast for video projects.  I created a video showing the process I've been using to get better drums sounds using stock logic drum tones.  I prefer recording drums with a real drummer however this has been a fantastic challenge in its own right. 

P.S.  If it is annoying for me to post videos in the forum I have no problem removing them:)  These are the things in music that are exciting for me so I thought I would share it. 



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