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Too many interfaces daisy-chained


I have a problem...I went a little crazy and got way too many things daisy-chained via USB (midi controlers, interfaces, hard drives) in my studio, including four focusrite 18i20s hoping to be able to get all 32 channels out of them. but I know it was wishful thinking since my 13-inch MacBook running logic won't be able to handle all the data, at least without massacring the sample rate.

From Focusrite Voicemaster to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?


Hey everyone,

I'm struggling to connect my Focusrite Voicemaster to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phone for recording. The connection goes like this:

Microphone -> Focusrite -> Focusrite Headphone out TRS cable -> TRRS to 2x TRS Mic/Audio Splitter -> TRRS to USB-C Adaptor -> Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Line-in before mic preamp on some mixers


I noticed that many mixers such as the Behringer hard wire their line inputs (without even a switch) in parallel with the mic input to the mic preamps. Yes, they do have a drop resistor but that's all. My concern is that the signal is being dropped and then amplified back up - thus adding another stage and more noise.