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24bit/88.2khz or 24bit/96khz

24bit 88.2khz or 24bit 96khz?

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Hi guys,

Just upgraded my studio with a brand new Focurite liquid Saffire 56 and an Octopre MkII.

With every changes to my gear, I try to better myself. I band project is coming soon, they're gonna track in my studio and mix and master at another place. So, I need to export wave files at there best.

With my last setup (with m-audio delta cards) I used 24bit 44.1khz because it was hard to get a low latency tracking otherwise.

24 bit 96khz vs 24 bit 48 khz (final round)

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I have heard a lot of guys say the music being recorded today punk, rap, pop etc will not take advantage of 96 kHz sample rate.
I tried a few projects at 96k and things sounded better to me
but my machine was overloading.

Makes me want to build a super computer!

What do you guys think, is 96 khz worth it?