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acoustic guitar pickups

acoustic guitar pickups sounds faded and quiet

Hey guys, I'm not new to recording and mixing. But I've come across a problem with recording my guitar that's been frustrating the hell out of me.

Okay, so first I'll run off the equipment I'm using: . Acoustic Guitar paired with a Seymour Duncan Woody pickup. . Mixcraft 7 . Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 audio interface

That's it . Now I'll finally get to my problem.

Acoustic Guitar pickup

Hello, I am looking to record acoustic guitars with a set of condensers- However, I notice that the mics don't pick up much of the string attack, and most of the people I've seen playing live whose acoustic sounds I've admired have used pickups mounted in the soundhole along with micing.

I really like the acoustic sound on the alice in chains unplugged album, or the live led zep films...and I'd like to spend under 200 dollars.

Thanks for your input.

I've been looking at the dean markley pro mag series...

Acoustic Guitar Pickups - Slightly off Topic

All -

I have a McIlroy a-30 acoustic guitar (incredible! and currently it has a B-Band AST / A1 Pickup system. For recording, it sounds incredible blended with mics, but live- it is very feedback sensitive. I play a lot of Praise and Worship music in a band setting. I love the way the AST sounds - but I know I need to change the pickup system here. I know this is a little off topic - but I figured several of you would have some great advice.

Thanks -


acoustic guitar pickup eq settings

I just picked up a pretty high end pre/di and eq unit (Speck electronics) and compressor (FRM RNC), and i'm having trouble getting what i feel to be natural sounding results with them (it's a little better than without them, but not a ton). does anyone have suggestions about particular pre / eq / comp settings that they've found to be particularly good, or that i should be experimenting with in my search for a great sound?

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Hello, I am currently recording a project with an acoustic guitar player who really moves a lot and I have been faced with the task of getting a good sound out of a typical transducer style pickup (powered with built in eq etc.) He plays live with a Crate acoustic guitar amp and it sounds quite good. I am either going to record the guitar (line out of amp) mic the guitar amp or both. Is this all I am left with? Anybody had any run ins with these? Thanks and this is my first posting!