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Critique of acoustic guitar tune please?

I recently finished an album of all-acoustic guitar songs. Kinda jazzy, folky, mellow easy listening. I recorded this particular tune with 2 condenser mics focused in an X-Y configuration near 12th fret. The mics were 2 AKG P170's. The mics were both run into 2 separate tube preamps then into a KORG D888 digital 8 track machine. I recorded the rhythm track first then the lead track next. Then transferred the 2 files to computer and produced in the DAW called "MIXCRAFT". I used an open tuning with a drop D and some other adjustments I cant remember right now.

Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar ONE pedal?

Hi! Right now I have a Digitech BP90 bass pedal and I like the outboard effects because they are quick to navigate different presets with the foot and all. I also own an Acoustic and i'm planing on getting an electric.
My question is , is it possible to find one pedal that's good for all three guitars?

T47 vs SM81 vs KSM44 vs T12 vs SM57 (Acoustic guitar)

Hi guys !

Many of you know I worked on a T47 kit.
I received and built a T12 as well. Here is a video showing it with other mics on a guitar

My T12 has a very pronounced proximity effect, but I think it's a nice addition to my collection.. Still trying it on different sources ;)

Tell me what you think..

acoustic guitar pickups sounds faded and quiet

Hey guys, I'm not new to recording and mixing. But I've come across a problem with recording my guitar that's been frustrating the hell out of me.

Okay, so first I'll run off the equipment I'm using: . Acoustic Guitar paired with a Seymour Duncan Woody pickup. . Mixcraft 7 . Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 audio interface

That's it . Now I'll finally get to my problem.

Acoustic guitars for recording?

I owned the Taylor 314CE for years and passed it off to my daughter. I need a new Taylor or something comparable to be able to earn some extra income. I don't really want the electronics. I'd much rather have nothing inside the box.
That being said, I have been considering the 414CE for some time because I've read its a choice studio acoustic. I also read the Taylor GC8 is really nice too. The slotted peg system in intriguing.

I'm still undecided.

Or, what do you recommend for acoustic guitars?