acoustic treatment

  1. rainsong23

    Accoustic foam placement

    I'm trying to do some sound treatment in the room I'm using for my home studio on little to no budget. I was given a piece of this acoustic foam from a friend that had some left over. It's 2.7 metres by about 1 metre. Anybody who has done acoustic treatment for audio recording have advice in...
  2. Colin

    Room treatment isn't necessary

    This has been in my heart and on my mind for a long time and I wanted to share. I'm by no means a professional. But I've made some absolute classics in my time of being a home studio recording artist of 12 years. With that said, I think room treatment such as bass traps and acoustic...
  3. DIY Bass Traps

    Im going the DIY route for acoustic room treatment and I want to start with bass traps. I have the budget but im curious which, if any, of these bass trap methods have significantly better low end benefits than the other. Bass trap styles: (15" + 8' tall) square superchunk (15"x15"x21" +...
  4. louzin

    acoustic solutions for poor stereo image

    Hello everyone! for a mixing/control room, I know that Equal distance of the mix spot in terms of walls is very important for having great stereo image. But in case when it’s impossible to move the mix spot, what are the treatment solutions or ideas please? when you have the left speaker pretty...
  5. DonnyThompson

    First Mix based on ARC 2 correction

    @audiokid @pcrecord @Kurt Foster @dvdhawk @Boswell @kmetal @Smashh @Brother Junk @Brien Holcombe ... et al' So...Here's a mix I just did, using my first initial measurements of the ARC 2 system. Honestly? I have no idea how this sounds on other systems. It may be decently transparent, or I may...
  6. Bedroom Podcast Treatment

    Hi, Recently, I am gonna setup a bedroom podcast station for a friend. Size: Long 10ft Wide 6ft Height 8ft What type of acoustic foam should I apply on the wall (Rear and Back) ? Mic Type : Cardiod Condenser Thanks.
  7. DonnyThompson

    High Frequency Treatment

    @Brien Holcombe @dvdhawk @audiokid @pcrecord @Boswell @Kurt Foster ( et al) Okay, so, now that I seem to have a better balance of low end in my space ( not perfect by any means but certainly much improved) I had a few questions about upper frequency treatment... 1. The "mirror point"...
  8. Rennie

    Perforated wood boards with absorber behind, any use?

    I picked up some cheap MDF perforated (slits) board, some had a little bit of absorber behind them. Would they be useful to put up against the walls as room treatment? I would add more absorber behind them, mostly they would be going where no 1st reflection treatments are, or behind the desk and...
  9. DonnyThompson

    NRC - defining and choosing proper bass traps

    @Brien Holcombe Hi Brien... :) I'm looking into some commercially-made traps to improve the room I'm now in ( SonoLite Bass Traps), and I was wondering, if I shot you some NRC numbers, if perhaps you would be kind enough to translate what these numbers actually mean. This would help me, as well...
  10. Where to buy eco friendly acoustic materials in Canada for cheap.

    Hello, im looking to purchase some high density eco friendly acoustic materials for building panels such as cotton or polyester materials. I don't want to use rockwool or fibreglass because of the air quality and safety hazards these materials contribute to. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada...
  11. Chris Perra

    Quantum Acoustic Sound Treatment?

    Has anyone checked out this video? I wonder if it's an actual breakthrough or just smart re branding of treatment... I suppose the end result is the most important thing.. If people think it sounds good.. it is.. but it seems like there's some fancy marketing mumbo jumbo going on.. There's...
  12. JohnTodd

    Absorbing acoustics with soundless spirals Is there anything to this? Could this be a great idea for handling low frequencies in studios? Is there already a thread on this? -Johntodd
  13. edaub1

    Strange room setup. Need advice!

    I just moved into a house where I would really like to be able to mix. I have 7 24x24 acoustic foam tiles. I know ill need other treatments. See the picture for my room dimensions. I'm not sure what else I need, or where to place what. I would like to be able to record in the room as well… if...
  14. Sean G

    Studio Acoustic Treatment & Design w/ Hanson Hsu - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

  15. DonnyThompson

    New Acoustic Treatment Material/System- Perfect Absorption?

    @Brien Holcombe , @kmetal @Boswell , @pcrecord , @audiokid , ... and anyone else who may be interested: ----------------------------------------------------------- "Physicists at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have experimentally demonstrated a system capable of perfect sound...
  16. Ledger Note

    Sharing My Acoustic Treatment Build from Cubicle Wall Insulation!

    This story is crazy and long, so I'm going to summarize it. Seven years ago I was able to recover some Owens Corning 703 from four cubicle walls that were stashed in a basement at an old factory job. OC-703 is the bomb for broadband absorbers, as we all know, so you know I was thrilled when my...
  17. tga$ound

    Question on Sizing Corner Bass Traps

    Hello guys, I used to come to this forum like 3 years ago(don't remember my other account) but the thing is I learnt a lot of important stuff and for that I thank you guys. Now I have a question about corner bass traps in small spaces with 90 degrees angles. Since bass waves are really big...
  18. vaibhav dewangan

    suggest best mic for room treatment calibration.

    please suggest best mic for room treatment calibration.
  19. ChrisH

    Live/Tracking Room DIY Diffusion/Scattering Acoustic Treatment & Material Options

    In my opinion (i think most will agree) that after the original source (instrument, amp, ect..) the room that the instrument is being tracked in is the first stage of EQ. Given that idea I believe you want a general multi-purpose tracking room to have a tight bottom end and bright highs. I'm...
  20. Press

    RealTraps: The Best Room Kits Available

    The Press Desk submitted a new resource: [=""]RealTraps: The Best Room Kits Available[/] - RealTraps have streamlined their lineup of Room Kits to better match the wide range of needs and bud...