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Vocal booth set up help!


I am setting up a place to record in my basement. I want to know if my idea is flawed and going to have negative repercussions when it’s all put together. I know there are gives and takes of everything and part of the reason I’m setting it up this way is necessity however if it’s going to cause more issues than help I would like to avoid it.

GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology (How to?)

Hi Folks. Does anyone know what materials they are using to build these panels and how they are constructed? To me it looks like they are using some kind of vinyl material for the membrane. I would order from them and do my whole studio space, but I'm located in Canada and the currency exchange on top of shipping and duty fees will really kill the wallet for no good reason.

Reputable Online Educational Videos Links Realted to Acoustics/Engineering

Hey all!

Thought this would be good for me, and hopefully a lot of people. As I look further into the massive amounts of literature, and grow increasingly interested in the more academic and theoretical aspects of music, it's become clear that I can't just absorb therotical physcial concepts, or circuit design, without a better understanding of the math and sciences.