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Vocal booth set up help!


I am setting up a place to record in my basement. I want to know if my idea is flawed and going to have negative repercussions when it’s all put together. I know there are gives and takes of everything and part of the reason I’m setting it up this way is necessity however if it’s going to cause more issues than help I would like to avoid it.

Building a room within a room on a floating floor solutions

Hello! I have an impact noise attenuation question.

If I build a room within a room on a floating floor using a Mason spring jack type system, will this make low frequency impact noise coming from an upstairs neighbor practically inaudible at night (assuming it’s done properly)? I live in a high-rise (an upper floor) cast concrete apartment building with 8-inch(20cm) slabs and I am concerned about noise coming from dragging the furniture on tiles and laminate floor at night coming from an inconsiderate neighbor (I don’t have access to the noise source to treat it there).

GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology (How to?)

Hi Folks. Does anyone know what materials they are using to build these panels and how they are constructed? To me it looks like they are using some kind of vinyl material for the membrane. I would order from them and do my whole studio space, but I'm located in Canada and the currency exchange on top of shipping and duty fees will really kill the wallet for no good reason. Id rather just try and DIY my own and get similar results. Obviously they won't be as good at the GIK stuff because they clearly know what they're doing.

Improving acoustics for cello

I spent last summer working on a basement studio (installing a new ceiling of layers of think drywall on hat channel, making bass traps, and other treatment.) The space is now a quiet place to practice and record but it is too dead for my liking. As a cellist, I love playing and recording in concert halls :) I realize that it is a very small space (24'x17' w 7' ceilings - the short ceiling probably the worst for room sound?) but I would like to add some 'room sound' back if possible.

My home studio acoustics

Hi all,

This is my first post, happy to be here.

The measurements of my room are as follows:

4.30m (meters) depth
3.00m width
2.70m hight

Now in my left corner is a small recording room made of plasterboard which is 2 meters in width and about 1.30m in depth.

I sit behind the desk and on my left there is a window about 1 meter in width and hight on which I just today put a curtains.

My questions to some of you who are experienced and willing to advice are:

Reputable Online Educational Videos Links Realted to Acoustics/Engineering

Hey all!

Thought this would be good for me, and hopefully a lot of people. As I look further into the massive amounts of literature, and grow increasingly interested in the more academic and theoretical aspects of music, it's become clear that I can't just absorb therotical physcial concepts, or circuit design, without a better understanding of the math and sciences.

home studio room acoustics – is this a good idea?

My wife and I are moving into a new house. In the basement there's a spare room, that I want to turn into my new home studio.

Room size is approx. 236 sq ft/22 qm and 7.5 ft/2.27 m high.

The acoustics in this room are quite terrible. It's stone walls and tiled floor and there is a metal pipe running along one wall about two inches below the ceiling. I get a "nice" reverb when I clap my hands.


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