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Recording equipment advise

Hi all,
I'm Ryan. I'm a 15 year old amateur sound engineer, independent label owner along with my dad, and folk-rock musician from the Auburn, Alabama area. I play acoustic and electric guitar, piano, Hammond organ, electric bass, and lap steel guitar. Check out my gear profile and tell me what you think about it. My record label is called Twelvepitch Records, and I'm locally renowned for my musical ability and record producing skills. Well, just wanted to say hello. I'm here to learn more from those who have been in the industry much longer than I have.
Thank you!

Thomann in Germany - delivery system totally broken they advise don't order!

I've been a Thomann customer for years - my number one source, as in try them first, and only order elsewhere when they can't help - so I got a shock yesterday. On-line I tried to order some products and at checkout noticed a notice saying delivery delay - so clicked on it, and got informed they have problems and are experiencing 6 day delay on dispatch. Usually goods arrive so quickly, I didn't believe it, so I phoned them, and yes - 6 days is what it is. They apologised but no way they can deliver by the day I need it!

Advice on renting space for a recording studio

hey y'all, as one who really hates renting and credit etc, I'm usually opposed to this type of thing but it seems a good deal. I was looking at a 9x9 in the same facility for $150. The manager called yesterday with this opening up next month.

$200/mo. No lease, just security deposit.

15x20 space, 10' ceilings.


Fingerprint security

Heat/Ac/electricity/T1 internet

Here's the places website.

Long story abridged-

recording gear update. Need advise.

I need to update my recording gear and need suggestions. I have an old G4 and 7.4 Pro Tools. Need to get in touch with this decade ha. I only do my guitar and bass parts here so fairly simple needs. Not sure what computer to actually get or what interface etcetera. I should have paid more attention during the last 10 years as we made our CDs in those big studios. Now I need to record my parts at home for an independent release and want to be cost efficient with excellent quality. Advise?

Please Advise on Persistent Crackling Problem

I am new to digital music and I am unable to fix a crackling in my DAW. I would sincerely appreciate any help anyone could give diagnosing this problem. I'm using LMMS 1.0 and a Realtek built in soundcard on a 64 bit Windows 7 laptop. Here is what I have tried so far:

1.) First, I turned off system sounds, turned power usage to high performance, turned HQ mode in the DAW on and off. None of that seems to have any effect.



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