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USB, AES/EBU,HDMI together?

I need to run at least 2 boosted USB, 2- 8Channel AES and a DVI-D (or possibly an HDMI instead) cables together in about 30-35' of PVC.

Will this create issues like crosstalk, inductance, speed reduction, clicks, clocking issues, bandwidth reduction, RF and other things I may not be aware of?

USB: 1. Houston Controller to/fro MAC
2. Pure 2 ADDA to/fro PC

MADI vs. AES/EBU choosing a new AD DA

I'm choosing a NEW AD DA conversion and PCIe interface for my tracking and hybrid mixing room. Win7 64 desktop.

What are the pro's on con's of MADI vs. AES/EBU? Is there a bandwidth drop with MADI. If it is so close, then I would go with MADI just because it has great flexibility, less cable and greater channel count over a long run. However, I am more concerned with quality of sound so its why I ask for opinions.

(sound quality vs. channel count).

AES/EBU vs. coax/ BNC

or... Here's what I've read:

digital AES/EBU connections sound relatively thin in the midrange.
AES/EBU sound better
AES/EBU has more bandwidth.
BNC or true 75 ohm RCA connectors is a significant upgrade if you use the coax connection.
aes should introduce less jitter than S/PDIF under most circumstances
AES and SPDIF have no inherent sonic differences. They only differ by their metADATa and binary voltages
S/DIF interface was clearly superior to all others


The digital audio format established by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) and EBU (European Broadcasting Union) that is used to transfer digital audio data between professional equipment. Two channels of digital audio (left/odd and right/even) are carried in one connection, usually an XLR-type connection.

Some content below is with permission of Wikipedia.

AES/EBU Format

samplerate problem :MOTU 896HD connect with DAT via AES/EBU

I have an problem about AES/EBU samplerate between MOTU 896HD and DAT.
When I connect 896HD AES/EBU output to DAT input then change the samplerate by 896HD setup software on my DAW.
Whenever I changed the samplerate from 32k,44.1k to 48k.
The DAT samplerate still stay at 44.1k.
After that I try another DAT but the situation as same before.
But I try to connect 8896HD to DAT via SPDIF coaxial.
I can change the DAT samplerate from 896HD setup software via 896HD SPDIF coaxial.
It is too strange.

Using external converters w/S/PDIF or aes/ebu to soundcard

Hi all!

I'm sorta a noobie to digital recording, and I need some advice on some new equipment. I'm going to expand my analog studio to digital. Now I'm wondering what I need to look for when purchasing some sort of soundcard. I'd like to use Pro Tools (does it matter if it's LE or M-powered?), but I have Logic Pro for now.


I have been researching these two terms, and am slightly confused! I understand that S/PDIF is more or less a consumer grade version of AES/EBU. They are both a means to transfer digital audio between two devices, correct? Assuming I've got that part right, I'm having trouble finding out what type of modifications I would need to make to a PC to use either one of these connections. I assume I would need to add a component to accept the cable coming into the PC from the preamp.


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