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akg c214

AKG C214 vs. C314

Hello there,

I've had two C214 for a while, using them for home studio recording, mainly vocals and acoustic guitars/ukes.

I'm thinking of upgrading to C314 (the desirable 414 being way too expensive for my budget), mainly for their ability to switch between different polar patterns. There doesn't seem to be a lot of 314 around so I'm not able to test them. AKG claims the capsule is better than the 214 and very close to the 414. Is this true?

Do you have an opinion on this upgrade?

noisy AKG c214 - may be counterfeit?

I upgraded from an AT2020 to AKG c214, i am currently running a Lexicon alpha into my laptop and adobe audition 1.5, after connecting the AKG the sound is a lot lower with the Lexicon setting untouched and the white noise is a lot higher than i expected, so i need to turn the mic volume louder than i had it with the AT2020, which also increases the white noise. am i missing a component to get this sound correct? it seems like the at2020 had a lot lower noise than the AKG. what am i doing wrong?...


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