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Twitter Verification for Record Label Artists

Greetings, I started a record label/live event company about a year ago and it has gotten huge. It’s multiple record labels under one corporation and we’re kicking off the big launch with single releases from each of our signed artists. Some of the artists include the finalists of the original American idol series, finalists from The Voice UK, X Factor and a big line up of accomplished and talented producers. Before the releases I want to make sure the record label twitter is verified and our artists are too.

Need help recording vocals from remote artists over the internet

I could not find local talent to record with, but lots of people are in other countries with talent and who want to record. This is just hip hop sort of recording.

Anyhow, there is one artist I'm interested in.. I would like to make a whole mixtape with her, but in her city it's expected she pay for studio time and we both can't afford that.

Guitar looping stations- any artists using these in the studio?

I do not own one, but I see guitar looping stations are quite popular today. These devices allow one to create rhythm loops, which one then plays over. I am curious, are any guitar players walking into the studio with these, for use on recordings? They strike me as a device solely for playing live or practicing while being able to accompany yourself, still I wonder if anyone uses them for recording.

Labels for non-performing artists

It sounds funny I know, but does anyone know of any labels that cater to artists who don't perform live. For example an electronica artist that is signed, but that may not perform live (really it could be any genre, but that first comes to mind because of a lot of that music is programmed/sequenced).

I imagine these exist, and if anyone knows of any please share. I'm hoping we can compile a list of these type of record labels. Any size label as well.

I need help with artists levy and pecentage of CD's

Firstly, I own a small recording company. I have made a CD with artists songs that I have licensed. When I pay the artists they will recieve 20% total for the CD. how to exatly calculate how much percentage each artist will make and the breakdown of all the costs

I have the CD and here it is
I am also on the CD listed as various artists. Some artists have more then 1 song on the CD.

Underground Artists Interested in selling albums

I just recently this past weekend started a new company online where underground artists can get their albums heard and possible sold at a central location or store. Its at and I started it to see how good it will do. Its still in very basic mode but already had 2 people sign up besides my own album being there. As things pick up and more and more people join in on it I will be adding much better programming for rating, searching & databasing the albums and making everything more user friendly.

Most Influential Artists

Well, along the lines of a couple of other posts here (like Don's "top 3 recordings"), I'd be interested in starting a post on the "Most Influential Artists" of our era.

These do not need to be the most talented artists, have the best recordings, or you don't even need to "like" them, but let's list those artists that we feel have broken new ground rather than follow along with the crowd.