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audient asp800

Earthworks QTC50 and Audient ASP800 - recording Vivaldi's Four Seasons


I made a recording with a couple of Earthworks QTC50 going to Audient preamp ASP800.
Just fell in love with this combination.
Still there is more to search on, did use the clean path of the Audient, will try to test the saturation possibilities next time to see if I can make the sound even more full and rich.
All went through ADAT to RME Digiface and laptop with the Audient as master.

FMR RNP vs upcoming Audient ASP800

Ok, I know it's again another preamp post ! lol
So I'll make it short.
I already have 2 LA-610, 4-710, 4x ISA and a RME Fireface 800
I need at least 4 more preamp, to allow me to track a full band and this is not happening very often.
Since I already have somewhat colored preamps, I figure that a 4 or 8 affordable relatively clean preamps would complete my setup nicely.

What about the new Audient ASP800 ?

HI guys,

I already have 10 somewhat colored preamps and since I changed my Saffire 56 for a RME ff800
I'm missing a few preamps to drive a complete band.

There isn't many choices around 1 k. I'm planning the buy at the end of summer.
I had a Octopre and was disapoined by it.. it's a bit narrow sounding and doesn't have enough gain and headroom for my taste.

I started to read about the ASP800