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audio interface

Need USB Audio Interface with SPDIF

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5 months 2 weeks

I have a trusty old Apogee Mini-Me pre-amp/compressor with drivers that don't work with anything beyond Windows XP.

For a time, I got away with using it via SPDIF  through my trusty old Egosys U2A - it's a cheap little USB Audio Interface which amazingly has both optical and SPDIF ins and outs and cost me less than $100 about a hundred years ago. (I know! Right?)

Basically, the U2A was doing nothing to add to the sound beyond passing through one digital source to another digital source. 

Tascam releases entry level interfaces with 4 sample buffer capability!

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12 years 1 month
Tascam has a new line of entry level interfaces with drivers that have buffers as small as 4 samples (on Windows)! This is over a USB-C connection.

This is the smallest asio buffer size i am aware of on any interface. With some rme and focusrite buffers around 3ms at 64 sample, are we approaching sub-milisecond lantencies over usb? This would be awsome! Ill keep my eyes open for latency specs, as i have not seem them yet.

Just thought it was an intersting innovation, and a good sign for interfaces of all ranges.

1080p cameras that record audio via USB interface?

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3 years
Title says it all.

I did quite some googling, starting out with finding out which cameras record uncompressed PCM audio. Some do, some don't, so I thought that there should be a way. Since I want to use semi-professional microphones (Røde NT with NT45O capsules) to record my piano playing, the regular 3,5mm microphone jack on a camera is not an option.

I have managed to connect my Android phone via USB OTG cable to my Steinberg audio interface an with the right camera app I can actually record video with the external microphones.

Old Focusrite interface drivers not supported anynore.

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5 years 6 months

Yesterday after an update from Windows 10 pro, my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 stopped working decently. It is an old firewire based interface which worked perfectly for me. Now it changes sample-rate every second or does not lock at all, sometimes it does at 32 bit/96 Khz and then unlocks again.......

Some googling learned me, it is not supported anymore as are some other older interfaces. So if you have an older Focusrite interface going crazy, first check if it is still supported before you get yourself into a lot of faultfinding and checking things!

getting started? Monitor mixer into interface

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4 years 11 months
I have had pretty good results just plugging stuff up and making it all work.
I think its time to start doing it correctly.

I bought a Yamaha 3210 monitor mixer for my home studio. Its got 32 channels and 10 buss channels.
It seems a great match for me. I have lots of instruments, and an 8 channel interface.

My confusion with Mixer and Interface

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2 years 1 month
Here's a design for the university project.
And I wanted to know do I make a connection to the interface and Mixer

Interface is Focusrite 18i20

Mixer Behringer Wing 48 channel mixer.

It's a rookie question.
But what's the best possible solution to it.

Does the PC type matter too?

Is Motu's M2 the best bang for the buck in an entry level interface?

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12 years 1 month

Ive attached the conversion spec.

This might be the scarlett killer! For the cost of a scarlett 2i2 the M2 is spec'd much closer to a clarett. The m2 is about 1/3 the cost of clarett.

It exceeds clarrett's DA dynamic range by 1-2 db, depending on the model, and Scarlett by 12db! On the AD side M2 falls 3-4 db short of clarett, and beats scarlett by 3-4db.