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Audio-Technica's CURRENT Equivalent of the AT 3035?

I use an AT-3035 from Audio-Technica for vocals which I'm pretty happy with. A friend of mine wanted a recommendation so I wanted to recommend the AT 3035, but it's come to my attention that it's out of production now, so I was wondering if Audio-Technica had a modern day equivalent for this microphone?

RODE NT2-A, Audio-Technica AT3035, Studio Project C1 or Sterling Audio ST55,66 etc?


Hi, I'm in the market for a condenser mike and am trying to decide which one to get. I've read a lot on here and reviews on musians friend and sweetwater about the ST55, 66 etc. Today I went to a music store and had the chance to listen to the RODE NT2-A and the AT3035. It seemed as if the AT was a bit brighter maybe, the RODE had some neat features like dual diaphram, and other knobs.

RE20, SM7, MD 421 or AT3035 for recording audio book/eduCD

Hi to everyone

As I mentioned in the title, I need to record some speaking voice/narrations with male and female talents for audio book/educational CD with lessons for the foreign langauge. Since the budget is pretty tight (as usuall), the narrators would be teachers; not proffesional voice over talents.