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Double Kick Balance consistency with different patterns in song

Hey everyone,
I'm still at the editing phase of a hardcore/metal style e.p. So i'm not mixing it yet, just working w/ the raw tracks.
Throughout the song(s) the drummer does different patterns on the kick, which vary from a single kick per measure, to gallop, to straight 16th's. Typical fare for the style.

2 questions: Balance and low end

Hello, first time poster, long time home studio musician. Hoping to get some insightful answers.

First up, the pertinent info about my setup:

Windows XP
Sonar 4.0
Behringer MX9000
M-Audio Delta 1010

With a number of hardware synths, Alesis QS6 for sounds & midi keyboard, Roland TD8, misc. hardware processors.

So two questions:

Verifying true acoustical balance with speakers and amp.


:) A member just raised another question by trying to find a problem in his amp.

The question is, how can you be sure you have

(1) True electrical balance from the power amp?

(2) True acoustical balance from the speakers for each channel?

This question refers to each side of a system with respect to each other.



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