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balanced vs unbalanced

Long runs of unbalanced cable.

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12 years 4 months
Hey i may have to run some 25-60ft runs of cable from an unbalanced source (cassette machine, reel to reel, Tascam m-30 mixer, record player) to the converter. The sources are on RCA type connections with 1/4" or XLR on the converter depending on what model i get. Im trying to transfer some tapes and records to digital, some personal, some commercial stuff.

Unbalanced output to balanced inputs

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12 years 2 months
I am currently trying to read up on this subject. My audio interface accepts either balanced or unbalanced 1/4" jacks into its inputs, and out of its outputs.

I am going to a remote session where they are using a bass preamp that will generate line level signals out of two unbalanced 1/4" outputs, for stereo operation. I could simply use TS cables and be fine, however - I am curious if using an adapter to take the cable from TS output to TRS input would help the noise issue. Or is that only necessary if my inputs were balanced only?

Balanced vs unBalanced

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21 years 3 months
My new Millennia…"]NSEQ-4[/]="…"]NSEQ-4[/] arrived today. Its a beautiful sounding eq. After hearing this, I'd love to a have a few of these now. Actually, more like about 12 of them (one for each channel).
It has an optional unbalanced in/outs.

Hopefully this isn't confusing. I've never used unbalanced gear before.

Unbalanced or Balanced TRS Cable for Studio?

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9 years
Hi, so I've got a Line6 Pod Studio UX2 (audio interface), and I'm getting a pair of Yamaha HS50M Studio Monitors. Can somebody look the two up and try to figure out what cables I need to hook the two up? Is it two TRS cables? Balanced? Unbalanced?

Thanks in advance!

What do you think about the HS50M Monitors?

Balanced out to unbalanced in

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10 years 9 months
I'm looking at getting a new pre to go along with my Steinberg MR816.
I want something clean to go along with my sm7 since it is already a colored mic.
So the two I'm really interested in are the Focusrite ISA One and Grace m101 . Really, the ISA is calling my name because of it's extra features. But the problem is that the only way to bypass the preamps on my MR816 is through the inserts on channels 1 and 2. and they're both unbalanced.
So, the ISA does not have an unbalanced out, but the Grace does.

Saffire Pro 40 - unbalanced inputs

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21 years 3 months
I bought a refurbished Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 (with full manufacturer's warranty), and I'm running into a problem (maybe with my brain). Here goes:

When I insert an XLR cable into any of the 8 inputs, the signal is fine...and angels fly. However, when I insert an unbalanced 1/4" cable (either a mic cable or from a preamp), the signal is so low it's unusable.


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To convey an electrical signal through wire, two conductors are required. In unbalanced circuits, one conductor carries both signal and supplies ground, unlike in balanced connections. Because of this unbalanced circuits are less expensive to produce, but the down side is the cables are susceptible to noise, especially if lengths of over 30 feet are involved.

Still don't quite get balanced/unbalanced 1/4" cables

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i've had a home studio in one form or another since 82 starting with a Yamaha MT44 4 track cassette and to this day i have never owned a balanced 1/4" TRS cable.
what the heck do they do?

my zed r16 and onyx 1200f have mostly balanced in's and out's as well as my 4 outboard comps and 2 effect proccessors,pre's, what have you.
besides the XLR's,I'm using 15 or more "quality" 1/4" cables in my rig but none of them are balanced trs..all ts cables.

connections with Juli@ interface - balanced vs unbalanced

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13 years 9 months
I guess the question should be simple:

I own a Juli@ interface from ESI, it has always been a fantastic-sounding tool, and it's got a unique feature: it lets you swap the card into two positions, RCA unbalanced I/O and TRS balanced I/O.

Converting unbalanced to balanced signals.

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21 years 3 months
I've been making music on synths, drum machines, bucketts and my computer for about 15 yrs now yet I've got no formal training. I realize that for long cable runs, it’s best to use balanced cables to reduce noise and grounding problems. What about cable runs (15 to 25 ft) to gear with unbalanced outputs like vintage synths? I think DI boxes are an option but I also understand that the 'affordable' ones color the sound in a negative manner. Additionally I've got about 20 channels I need to do so with on a tight budget.