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basement studio construction

Sound isolation - dealing with HVAC ducts

OK, so I'm planning a room. It's a 15x30 basement room. Along the 30 foot length, there are is one HVAC duct on each side running along the ceiling with vents into the living room above. I have the ceiling pretty much figured out except how to deal with these ducts. I have other ventilation plans so I won't be using them. I just can't figure out for the life of me how to insulate them for sound isolation. I can't move or modify them.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Building up a studio in my Basement

Thougth you could perhaps assist me, what i currently have is a laptop, mlx mic, m box, electric kit, drumkit from hell sample and a guitar of course.

What i need now is for you good people to tell me what equipment i need to achieve this kind of sound:

what i already had in mind was:

Line 6 pro pod rack system
Peavy amp

I'm kinda lost in the possibilites of hardware and such




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