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Making the bass drum stand out

I've been practicing mixing on my old recordings to prepare for my band's new material and my main problem seems to be making the bass drum stand out. I've been using Waves SSL 4000 and it sounds good alone but when I add all the other stuff in they get lost.

On my old recordings I used one Sennheiser mic (don't remember model) and i'm thinking about getting a Shure beta 52A or even 2.

It's metal so I want the bass drum to be heard loud and clear.

What would you guys advice... ?

Recording bass drum.

Hello everybody!

I have exciting question about recording bass drum. Assured a lot of You met this.

Tinkling drum beater on drum head!

Ordinary drummers play on bass drum with pressing drum beater on the head and in that case beater provide little terrible tinkling sounds.

Of course if drummer realy pros player he can controll this, play non pressing, with a good feeling and with a good sound, but usually ordinary drummers can't play so - they play like they can play))

On our studio we have great sounding Sonor Designer kit. Usually I use 22" Remo Powerstroke 3 head with remo falam slam pad for more attack sound and drum pedal with felt beater. Micing by N/D868 on resonant head hole.

Particularly this problems happen with rock styles where needs heavy heats and hight attack sound.

How do You avoid this problem? Yours opinions and tips on this theme.
Is it possible avoid this without gating or another processing?
I meen some process before recording exactly - tuning, magic, may be something else. Main- without loss of quality.



Hey Guys, I haven't been around in a while but now that I have started a new recording project with some new equip I have run into a few problems. My main problem is with the sound that I am getting out of my bass drum. Has anyone used the Shure PG52 bass drum mic? if so do you know how to EQ it to get decent rock "Smack" I'm using the plastic side of the bass drum beater and its on a coated head but when I record it I just get this dull crappy thud. Could it be the head? It's not too old but it might be the problem? Let me know please.

Also, just so you know this is my setup:

-16 Channel Behringer Board...
-Custom Computer - M-Audio Audiophile 192.
-Audio-Technica 4040
-Shure PG52
-Shure PG56 (x3)
-Shure SM57

Just trying to get a raw recording.

bass drum mic board

A while back I was on this board and somebody was writing about a bass drum mic board. basically a mic ina board in front of the bass drum. I never really payed attention but now I want to know more about it. Can somebody please fill me in now that I'm paying attention. Im all ears --or I guess eyes. love jerr :-? :-?