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Recording Grand Piano


Here's the reposted item on how you can record grand pianos - I'll explain what made me do it. It's quite common to record what I've always called 'natural acoustic' recordings. Solo singers of all kinds, or duos, small ensembles or choirs - often in really nice venues with great acoustics and it's the sort of thing that seems to encourage stereo recording techniques.

Blending Blumlein and ORTF Choirs

I'm preparing my mix's for the choirs I just finished recording.

2 DPA 4011A in ORTF
1 Royer SF24 in Blumlein
1 Audix M1280 micro condenser for added detail

Any suggestions of how you blend blumlein and ORTF?

John, did I hear you right... choose which of the two that sounds (fullest, widest most detailed) and add the other to taste?

blumlein 8s or a-b omnis for choir

I know that this topic has probably been discussed but I could not find it.

I am going to record a choir in a decent sized church. I want to capture the ambient sound and am limited to 2 mics. I assume that a-b and blumlein are be the top two options. Is this correct? If I am wrong please correct me. Which setup should I use?


Full circle around a Blumlein Pair - a capella

Had a fun recording on Sunday. A vocal group at a college about 90 minutes away hired me to record them for an archival CD for the members. 17 singers - I had them stand in a circle around a Blumlein pair (SPC3) with Oktava MK319s for lead vocal and beatbox. No beatbox on this piece, but ended up with some fun stereo placement quite by accident.


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