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Chandler Limited TG-2 Vs. TG Channel MKII

I'm looking for some advise about a couple of upcoming purchases. I need a Preamp with DI, 2 channels would be nice for stereo applications, but this is where I get stuck. The Chandler Limited TG-2 vs. TG Channel MKII. Is the Eq on the TG MKII worth trading the second channel on the TG-2 for? I could go for the TG-2 and use the 32-channel Focusrite Liquid Mix for Eq and compression. Additionally I'm planning on purchasing a Peluso 2247 LE Mic, any thoughts on the combination?


Yamaha PM1000 module OR Chandler Germanium?

I need a good sounding mic preamp mainly for vocals and I don't have much money. I was considering selling a bunch of stuff on ebay and scrounging up the loot for a Chandler Germanium. Seems great for the money (especially for how versatile it seems). But I've read so much about how great these inexpensive PM1000 modules sound. Close to Neve sound for $150? Seems too good to be true. Unfortuntely I havn't had a chance to hear either of these in person. I'd like to get a larger than life 1073 sound but can't afford it. Right now I've got an AKG 414 running through a Studiomaster 16-8-2 pre.

Chandler LTD-1 vs Great River MEQ-1NV

has anybody compared these 2 mic preamp/eq's?

How do they sum up ur mixes after runnin ur toys thru them?

We do hip hop here; beatmachines, keyboards and vocalz. And want more out of our sound(s). Right now we're just patchin into our Digi 002, which is ok. We want better.

read great reviews and posts about both, I wanna kno how can hip hop guys benefit in sound(sonically) from either... or both, which would b simply lovely.