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classical music

Classical musician needs track editor software -- Samplitude?

A classical music recording newcomer here!

I find myself needing to make very accurate recordings of my wife (a fabulous mezzo) for marketing purposes. Drawing on my extensive experience of making recordings (the musician end -- going all the way back to the 30 ips tape days), I have done some sessions with multiple takes so we can clean up details before the final assemblage. We are recording in our University Concert Hall (1.7 reverb) with the pro recording equipment there and are getting wonderful results.

Low End microphone suggestions for CLASSICAL music

I'm a classical composer and I'm putting together my own recording setup to archive my own works. The recordings do not need to be "professional level" -- this is for my own personal portfolio, not for any kind of wide distribution. I don't have a ton of money to budget, I was thinking maybe $300-400USD total for 2 mics that I could use for simple stereo recording.

Recording duo cello and piano/classical music


I'm completely new to the audio recording and I am asking for some advice.
I'm planning to record classical piano with cello (Schubert Arpeggione Sonata).
I have tree mics: RODE NT55 matched pair and Audio-Technica AT2050.
Everything goes to my laptop via Fast Track Ultra.

I thought about using NT55 on piano with omni capsules in A/B technique
(with couple meters distance from the piano and above the lid - it gave me good results previously)

Recording Indian classical music

Any experienced tips on recording ICM? Specifically speaking-sitar, tabla, tanpura. Mic techniques, mic/preamp/compressor combinations that produced great results?

For sitar, I have heard that a 421 at 45 degrees at the bridge works great. I have also heard that 414's on tabla work out great. Is it best to stereo mic the tablas or just one mic for both? Often on a CD the tablas seem to be panned to one side. As far as mic placement on tanpura, I don't know.

Classical music for download

I am doing a project where I am replacing all the audio of a scene in a movie.
Well, right now I need to settle on the music to be used, so I can edit the scene around it.

I need it to be a classical (or atleast in the same ball park) song. This is only a project, so copyright does not apply.

If any one knows where I can find clips, or full songs of some classical music, that would be great.
Or if any of you have some recordings you would not mind sharing with me, that would be all the better.


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