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Do you use commercial/pro recordings to reference your mix?

When mixing, do you ever use professional/commercial mixes as a reference?

Is this something you do often at your own studio, or only when you are mixing at another facility, where it helps you adjust to an unfamiliar environment? Or, do you use this method when using new speakers?

Do you choose specific pro releases, and if so, do you use the same songs every time, or do you adjust the reference based on what you are mixing style-wise at the time? Just curious...

struggling to record/play electric guitar compared to a commercial studio

hey guys I have recently been doing some recording at home with my line 6 Ux2, and have been struggling to get good guitar tones with my real fender/vox/orange amps, and get better tones and performances out of the line 6 amp farm direct sound.

Here and in the studio I was using 1 sm57, and in the studio my friend who was working the session was not as diligent with mic placement and got far superior tones through the phones/monitors instantly. they sat better in the mix, and as a play i felt more comfortable playing.

Being Honest - Defining Mastering in a Commercial Environment


Thought you guys might be interested in reading this. We've had a little disagreement based on between how we advertise to prospective clients, and how we advise genuine clients who we have an interest in ensuring their product is the best it can be.

The former are faced with a multitude of misleading advertising, and the latter deserve honesty.

This is the first draft of a document where I outline amongst all our staff how we advertise and advise on mastering.

Free vs. commercial VSTs?

Hi everybody and excuse my english in advance...

Yesterday in friends studio i tried Waves C-1 compressor. I know thers better vst's but that is commercial vst and i compared it to some freeones.

I compress kick and snare with it and than used same settings with free Kjaerhus classic compressor and Endorphin.

Classic compressor did sound lil "softer" but i (as a newb) didn't (and still don't) know is that good or bad thing.
Endorphin on the other hand sounded exactly like C1 maybe even better.

Trying to get a Commercial CD sound


Hello everyone, I am pretty new to the recording game and have been a musician for some time. I have a Mac G5, Digi002(PTLE), and a decent amount of VST, RTAS, and other plugins. I like to record ideas and projects @ home, the only problem I have is when I attempt to mix down and burn an idea to mp3 it sounds way too bottom heavy, or to soft, etc...

Being that I'm not very good with mixing and mastering I was curious if anyone had an good software they could recommend, which would help me get a good mix down.