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Samplitude Pro X5 new feature : Comparisonic vs wave colors

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8 years 6 months

In this video I compare Comparisonic colors from Samplitude Pro X4 and the Wavecolor option from Samplitude Pro X5 This may seem like a futil tool but once you get used to it it's very usefull.. Specially if you record a song with a customer and don't know right away where choruses and verses are located.. often the change of pitch is shown in the colors.. Leave comments if you will ! ;)

The comparison of microphone arrangements [for] orchestral instruments

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15 years 5 months
This is an interesting set of interactive demonstrations showing the effect of microphone positioning relative to a performer. All the extracts are recorded using DPA4006A omni microphones in A-B configuration in a good acoustic.

microphone comparison on Double Bass

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7 years 7 months
Recently we've had lots of topics on choosing mics, and the usual X is good and Y is bad result soon pop up.

Today I needed to record a double bass for a track in the works, but as I had some spare time I thought I'd go through the mic stock and try mics I'd not usually pick, just to see what happened.

Antelope Zen Studio - thoughts and comparisons

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7 years 2 months
I just got my hands on an Antelope Zen Studio today..

Cool unit.. very easy to use.. I'll be comparing it to a M audio Profire 2626 and Behringer Ada 8200 through an ancient RME digiset that was sold by Steinberg back in the day.

So far.. I've just had a chance to listen to some speaker test songs and I'm shocked that the difference in D/A between the Ada 8200 and Zen Studio is the same...

MP3 comparisons, how does your MP3 process stack up to the rest of us?

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21 years
I think this topic is something we've completely missed.
Lets compare the sound and process of our MP3 and listen to the results.
I can or someone can provide a 44.1 via soundcloud, we compress it and use the upload button to store and compare . It should make a good discussion.
Until someone has another source, use my Daughters:

Soundcloud stores the full bandwidth ( to what was originally uploaded), make the link downloadable and MP3 it.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2014 - comparisons

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21 years
Two bands coming at sound 2 different ways. It made me think, realize (yet once again), how we lack so much life in music today. One of these bands is so over compressed where the other has very little processing and fantastic mic placement.

Santana is all about dynamics. I listened to most of Santana then compared the same show with Christina Aguilera.

I closed Christina Aguilera in less than a few minutes. But not so much that I don't like her, I expected so much more. I just couldn't stand the sound of the crap compression in comparison to Santana.

Simple comparison of Cakewalk/Sonitus VST vs. Waves Renaissance Maxx

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8 years 8 months
I downloaded a Waves plugin package I'm thinking of getting. I didn't realize that they had anything available that didn't cost an arm and 2 legs. Someone else had an old post about waves plugins for $9. That got me looking at their website.

Looking to devise a repeatable microphone comparison test.

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10 years 9 months
I am looking for ways to set up a repeatable microphone test for all of the microphones that my company offers, which will remove any performance variables.
I was thinking about tracking as transparently as possible (Earthworks or Brauner KHE ) into Earthworks 1022 into Avid HDIO16 and then perhaps miking the output of this performance through a genelec 8050.
This way I would collect a database of the relative differences between microphones accurately.