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Mixers compared

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4 years 2 months
I currently have a Mackie 14 channel mixer, which I'm happy with. I will soon need another few channels, such as about 18-20 (unpowered.) I know that Mackie has this ProFX line that is less expensive than their VLZ line (and the ProFX, as the name implies, even has onboard FX.) The VLZ has these "pristine" Onyx mike preamps, though I read that the newest ProFx line has newer better mike preamps than the previous line of ProFX.

Compare Original Mix to Mastered Version - any ears out there?

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8 years


Original Mix: [MEDIA=soundcloud];secret_token=s-w0Ex0;track_id=168477166[/MEDIA]
[=""]View:[/]="https://soundcloud…"]View: https://soundcloud…]

struggling to record/play electric guitar compared to a commercial studio

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12 years 3 months
hey guys I have recently been doing some recording at home with my line 6 Ux2, and have been struggling to get good guitar tones with my real fender/vox/orange amps, and get better tones and performances out of the line 6 amp farm direct sound.

Here and in the studio I was using 1 sm57, and in the studio my friend who was working the session was not as diligent with mic placement and got far superior tones through the phones/monitors instantly. they sat better in the mix, and as a play i felt more comfortable playing.

How Does Mixcraft 4 Compare to Garageband??

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12 years 9 months
I don't have a mac, so Garageband may not be in the cards for me. I've been hearing good things about Mixcraft, so I just wanted to see how it stacks up.

Then I spose I just need a midi keyboard and someway to plug my guitar and keyboard in, correct? Like a preamp or something?

Need help using Nero 6 compared to older version of Nero

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21 years
Can someone who uses Nero Express 6 or higher tell me how to follow the instructions found on this page: The problem is that the version of nero used in that page is an older version and I am having trouble following through on the instruction after a certain point.

Can any1 pls help.

Beta58 compared to SM58 for snare top etc...

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13 years 8 months
I apologize if this has been discussed before. I'm wondering when it would be more practical to use a beta58 or 57 as opposed to an SM58? I'm thinking of purchasing one and using it on my snare top. I've got a couple SM58s and 57s already; should I save my money?

Production Values Today...Compared to Yesterday

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21 years
I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for this, but..

what do people like so much about the Abbey Road kick sound? or the entire recording for that matter.

Maybe it's because I'm young (19) but I just don't get it. I listen to it and to me it just sounds so.... weak. It sounds distant, or something.

Again, maybe I'm just too young to understand it, but when I hear the words "great recording" I think of highly produced metal bands.