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Confused members get help with their pro audio questions

Symptom of the Universe and Dazed and Confused Cover - Singer needs a mix!

Metal Brothers/Sisters and fans of heavy music

I'm new and I need your help! I'm a young singer from Switzerland. Though I know how to sing, I really don't know how to mix and master the records.
Beside my band I'm working on a project where I cover a few songs and I need someone who wants to mix my vocals.
Feel free to mix the uploaded songs.
They're "Symptom of the Universe" by Black Sabbath and "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin.

I'm CONFUSED adding more subwoofers

OK. I know this isn't a live sound forum, but I was hoping somebody here could help me out. Here's what I've got.

Mackie M2600 poweramp -500 watts per channel into 8 ohms
850 watts per channel into 4 ohms
1300 watts per channel into 2 ohms
1700 watts into 8 ohms bridged mono
2600 watts into 4 ohms bridged mono

2 subwoofers --- Power Rating: 1250W Ive got these two bridged
Music Program : 2500W
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

I'm about to buy two more subs. They are

Multi Bus, mix & master confused!

Multi Bus, mix & master (clip isnide)

Hail from London.

First post here, and what and entrance.
But really need some advise here.

Apolgies if in wrong place, but forum is so vast.

Im producing/mixing/engineering our bands album currently, but whilst ive gotton several scratch mixes out of some of our demo stuff its time to get a lil more serious with the album seeing as its being funded by ourselves instead of the label.

Which DAW to choose? I'm confused.

Ok, so I'm a newbie here who is very very wet behind the ears and could use some guidance. I currently own a small A/V design firm and do very well. I typically design commercial 70v audio systems and do a lot of video designs for everything from basic tv setups for bars and restaurants to high end tele-conferencing systems for corporations. Recently I have been asked numerous times if I provide post-production audio and video work. Examples have been corporate training videos, post-prodution audio for radio, and a lot of digital signage production work. I keep saying no because I don't.

confused by antares auto-tune

First of all - what is the difference in auto-tune and auto-tune EVO (same with harmony engine /- evo and so on.. ) ? Is the Evo cutted version or upgrated version?

Secondly i cant keep up with all these different types of autotune .. on the pictures it seems like everybody got antares with different options .. to they have updated versions or what ? mine is 5.0.9 and i dont have half the buttons i see in videos ..

Confused! Do I Need This?

For years I have been without an A/D Converter in my home studio setup. I went into a local store the other day to ask the guy about some things. He mentioned an A/D converter and I was like huh. what's that? He explained to me and I was wondering did I really need it.

Setup: M-Audio Profire 610
Focusrite ISA One
Compressor & Mic.

So do I need it in my setup? What does it actually do in the chain? Is the outcome of the product 10x better than if I didn't have it?

Appreciate it guys!

delta 1010lt confused!

Hey all,here's my problem Ive got a delta 1010lt pci sound card, {8 mono ins and 8 mono outs},I've got a dynamic mic plugged into XLR input 1 on the delta, an Logitech x240 speakers plugged into 1/2 output on the delta,my DAW is Magix Music Studio 10 Deluxe.well here's the problem i cant seem to figure out how to pan my vocals in my mixes left or right,if i pan right the vocals just sound lower,if i pan left i cant hear nothing.Ive even tried recording my vocals in mono then tried to pan and nothing, i even tried to record in stereo then pan and still nothing.

Dazed and confused OTB and ITB

I have some older vintage analog tape gear along with new computer recording gear...and I need some advice on how best to wrangle and incorporate all of the various pieces I want to use so I can record and :roll: playback some analog tracks and then run those into my DAW, then maybe mix other analog sources back again..some digital stuff and some analog stuff and be able to move between the two easily. ITB and OTB. aaaahhhhhh?
I just don't know anymore? LOL :roll:


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