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The bit layout of the audio data

Mixing down to 16-bit

Hey everybody,

I have recorded my songs in 24-bit, and as the last part of the process, as I am mastering, I am also using a 'UV22HR' plugin to convert into 16 as I create the WAV files. At least that's my understanding.  However, I'm reading now that I should mix to the same bit rate as my session was recorded in. 

Best WAV to MP3 conversion algorithm

My wife has a small business selling spoken word recordings.
I'm her tech guy, photographer, and financier.

She does her recording in Pro Tools and we sell mp3 files.
I've been using iTunes to convert .WAV to .mp3 but I want to have more control over the quality and size of the mp3 file.
I've just downloaded an opensource conversion program that utilizes a number of algorithms for the conversion.

I'm looking for recommendations/advice on which algorithm to use

24bit 88.2khz or 24bit 96khz?

Hi guys,

Just upgraded my studio with a brand new Focurite liquid Saffire 56 and an Octopre MkII.

With every changes to my gear, I try to better myself. I band project is coming soon, they're gonna track in my studio and mix and master at another place. So, I need to export wave files at there best.

With my last setup (with m-audio delta cards) I used 24bit 44.1khz because it was hard to get a low latency tracking otherwise.

MOTU 24 I/O Interface conversion quality professional?

Hey everyone,

I'm in need a professional interface with professional grade conversion, was wondering if the MOTU 24 i/o would do the trick or do I need
to spend the extra money on a Avid HD interface or an Apogee Symphony, to get a truly professional conversion quality?
Ill be using it with outboard high end preamps.

Need conversion into Protools! What to use?

THE DEAL IS. I have been using an octopre to get into Pro Tools until now through optical lightpipe. The ADAT card fried on the darn thing. Im looking to find the best way to get into Pro Tools through Pro Tools from external preamps. I dont need the device to have preamps in it, I have plenty of nice pres I just need analog line level conversion into ADAT lightpipe. I saw a berhringer unit for cheap but I'm afraid that would turn my amazing sounding front end into sh*t balls for signals. What is your recommendation?

24bit/192khz Line-in Recording: Portable Recorder or Laptop + Creative Sound Blaster

Hi! I am interested in doing line-in recordings and I need something portable. After realising that my laptop (using Realtek ALC892) could do only 16bit/192khz recordings, I decided to research more and had the following options.

Option 1: Portable Recorder (Zoom H2n)


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