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corner issues

NAMM around the corner

I certainly don't want this to be a Interface war but, I'm sure everyone does have their favourite. I'm saving to go away in June so afterwards I may be looking for a cheap Interface. I'm currently using the Eleven Rack and it's served me well but it's time to move on to something with better latency (believe me, I have tried everything). A budget of £200 is more than enough for me. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 1st gen and I just can't get on with it. I know Gen 2 is better but, it's not for me. PreSonus 44VSL and Steinberg UR44 seem to get mentioned around the internet.

Question on Sizing Corner Bass Traps

Hello guys, I used to come to this forum like 3 years ago(don't remember my other account) but the thing is I learnt a lot of important stuff and for that I thank you guys.

Now I have a question about corner bass traps in small spaces with 90 degrees angles. Since bass Wavesare really big, obviously there's a minimum for bass trap sizing. What is the smallest size for rockwool-stacked DIY corner bass trap in a small mixing room situation?

I've already did a search and didn't find this particular information.

Thanks in advance,

corner question

Country: USA

Did a search first on this question.

I got a gig doing a remote recording at a church, using a 4 mic rig, recording their band through their PA.

Before recording, I had their sound man run a variety of tones through the room while I walked around and measured with a frequency analyzer. Measured using A weighting.

125Hz was incredibly uneven, at times bordering on complete Null in certain areas, while other areas registered up to 3 db jumps.

No choice but to go into the corner! God help me...

Hi! OK, I'm cramped for space. My gear has to fit in a corner. I'm custom building the furniture, so I can design as I wish. The new desk will be attached directly to the wall as a triangle (in the corner).

How do I treat this area for sound? My playback/mixing speakers must be there. I figure to line the walls in that area with panels and make the very tip of the corner a corner bass-trap-wedge. I'll decouple the speakers on cut panels and the sub, too.

A Way to compensate for speakers in the corners? Bad bass responce while sitting!

Room Specs.(Whole Room) Like a square with a smaller square cut out of the top right.
Front -Back is 10' 1"
Left to right is 11.5'
so heres the prob,I extended my closet towards the front of the room 2' So where the speakers are sitting on my desk that area measured across is only 8' 2" and thats where the mic booth starts and goes towards the right,and goes towards the back of the room 5" so that is my general area of working 8'.2" by 5" after the 5' it turns into the 11.5' left to right.
Wow maybe i should learn how to insert photos!

Corner Setup

Howdy to the forum here. This place has some great reads and some very funny ones...

I know I'm probably breaking every cardinal rule by setting up my listening area in a corner but the spouse got the corner desk for me to take up less room in the living room so I kinda need to use it (ahem). I have already noticed an increase in bass response (which i really was surprised considering i have so-so monitors - FOSTEX PS-3.1). I have a sub with a level adjustment. I was considering some sort of corner baffle? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Bad to sing into a corner?

A few noob questions about booth setup:

Is it bad to setup a vocal booth and then setup the mic so u're singing into the corner (at a 45 degree angle)? Should the singer be facing one of the walls?

Are some acoustic foams better for sound control in vocal booths (for vocal frequencies) than others? I get confused looking at pyramids, wedges, tiles, etc..

in the left corner we have a

Great River MP-2NV (or a 7th circle 2nv really)
preamp. and in the right corner we have the Avalon tube preamp
these have been something i have been eyeing on and unfortunatly i have yet to hear an avalon.i am aware many hip hop and r & b locals consider this an industry standard. Can some one help me out here on giving the pro's and cons of these components?
thank you



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