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Live in the studio performance via streaming

Due to the fact that we cannot perform live at the moment we decided to do a live stream from my studio. We performed our CCR Tribute show and I also recorded the live tracks in the DAW. Guitar was played direct via the Kemper and the Bass was played via the Line 6 Helix.

We setup four cameras (vocals, bass, guitar, drums) and filmed the performance.

Covers - or copies for tracks. How do you do yours?

I produce lots of copies of songs mainly for theatrical or stage type shows. Over the years I have a pretty standard workflow, but while doing one today, I wondered if others do it my way or have their own system that might be better?

I always use the original song as a template. I tend to do the trickier bits in short chunks. So playing along with the real thing is pretty critical.

What are the posting rules for covers?

I'm pretty new to recording, and I am not a very good or inspired writer, so I find myself doing a lot of covers of songs I like so that I can learn more about the process, and learn more about certain musical techniques, and get inside the heads of artists that are gods to me. So that is the early phase of my journey to become good at recording and become a better musician.