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Cubase SX3

Help with Motu 828 MKII, 8pre, and Cubase SX3

I recently purchased a Motu 8pre to expand the number of microphone preamps on my 828 MKII so my band can record a demo with a full drumset. I'm running Cubase SX3, and I can't figure out how to set it up so that I have 10 different inputs (8 from the 8pre, plus the 2 on the MKII) recording at once in Cubase. There is sound from the mics coming through my monitors, so I know that the sound must be coming through in some way. I'm using a fiber optic cable to slave the 8pre to the MKII. I've looked through the manual, but I can't figure it out.

Cubase SX3 Superior Drummer

I'm trying to open superior drummer 2.0 in Cubase, after re-installing it, and it will not show up in Cubase.

I press F11 for my VSTi's, then select "Superior Drummer", and ensure the "E" button is selected which generally makes the VSTi interface visible, and nothing shows up. If I create a new project, and a new midi track, I can see all of the drum tracks from superior drummer, but I cannot get the editor to show up.

Will someone please help? Prior to the re-install, everything worked properly. I've tried multiple reboots.

problems changing clock source in Cubase sx3

hey all

trying to use my mytek stereo adc as a clock source for my Cubase system. I use a digi 001 as my interface (yeah i know- but i only record one track at a time) and am running into the same hitch

whenever i change the clock format in the asio setup box to ADAT (or spdif) to use the mytek, it alwasy reverts back to "internal" for the clock source on the main device setup page. in fact i dont even get the option of changing the clock source. "internal" is the only option (and is always) clicked off

some of the thinsg i've done:

Loading Cubase SX3 files in Essential 4?

Hi all, hopefully someone can help me.

I've been given the opportunity to purchase Cubase Essential 4, but I have previously been using SX3. I found a file compatibility chart that says that I cannot open SX3 files in Essential 4, but I also saw somewhere else that said it's possible to open the files, but I'd lose some data.

Can anyone clarify on this?


midi to audio mixdown in Cubase sx3-problem

Problem while doing audio mixdown to a midi part in Cubase SX3 + Nuendo:
When we are doing an audio mixdown to a midi part going into the pool and back into the project it's seems as if the two parts (the audio part and the midi part) are exactly the same size, but as we increase the project page resolution to the maximum we can notice that the new audio part is a bit longer then the original midi part.

MIDI Recording w/ Cubase SX3

I have an M-Audio 88ES that I run into Cubase SX3 using Eiderol's Orchestral VSTi.

I am attempting to assign my modulation wheel to "volume." I went through all of the steps correctly, and when I roll the wheel I see the MIDI signal flashing in Cubase, however it does not do anything. Would this be a problem with my 88 already? (I just bought it.) I do not think it would have to do with the VSTi because this is a function that Cubase manages, correct?

FYI: The portamento and pan functions work, just not the volume.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Cubase sx3 input/tempo issue

So I'm having 2 problems. I'm embarassed about them but I'll ask anyway.
I'm using a Sound Blaster Platinum card and I plug my input into the "mic 2/line in" input. For some reason, I only have this trouble in Cubase but for the life of me, I can't find the place to specify that this is the input I'm using! Does anyone know where I can apply this setting?

Cubase SX3 "Plugin Information" Window + Organizat

I have had a lot of problems in the past with the functionality of my plugins and errors occuring. The effect was that whole sets of plugins would be "unloadable," in which I would have to uninstall, then RE-install the bundles. This leaves my "Plugin Information" window an absolute mess. Is there anyway that I clean it up a bit? You can not simply delete plugins from the list that do not work anymore.

Also, is there any way that I can organize my plugins in the pop-up window how I want or are they set in stone?

Thanks so much guys!

Cubase SX3 Question

In Cubase SX3 part of the mixer is for the input channels. I recently figured out last night that the eq's and inserts on those channels ARE in fact destructive! But the problem is that it seems you can not hear what it sounds like until you record and playback. Is there a way to moniter the input channels with the inserts etc. applied to them? Thanks!