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Advice on DAW for digital piano/sound module combination.

I'm not sure what section this should go in so I'm posting here.

I have a Roland RD700SX digital piano and a Ketron SD1000 sound module.I need to have software and the hardware to run it.I want to connect them up together via USB.At the moment the piano and module are connected by Midi cable from Piano Out to Midi In (module),with dual RCA's L-R to Tascam digital recorder.

need help recording digital piano

Hi there! Here's my deal:

I have a Yamaha P-155 digital piano, and I'd like to record it onto my Macbook Pro, through the use of my Lexicon Lambda USB interface. But I don't want to use MIDI - I want to record the actual sounds from the keyboard. The keyboard has an "aux out" on the back, with R and L/L+R jacks, as well as MIDI terminals and a USB to device connection.

Need A Good Digital Piano...

I have a plethora of keyboards and am constantly disappointed with acoustic piano sounds. The closest thing I’ve got right now is a Korg Triton Studio, and well, the acoustic piano sound is beyond hideous. Does anyone know where I might go to get some good advice on a weighted keyboard with the most realistic acoustic piano sound available? I currently have neither.

EQ a digital piano


anybody got some good tips on eq for a diguital piano in a live and in a recording situation? The pisno is actually coming from a sampler and is quite a nice sound. I've been told to roll off below about 120 hz and add a little boost around 10khz. However I'm not sure if this is a general setting and I'm not sure of the levels of gain and attenuation as well as the q shape.


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