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Mixing double drums: How would you pan them?

I'm mixing a project with two drummers on most of the songs, much like The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers etc. I've been pondering my panning approach and, though I've kind of got it figured out, it would be useful to hear what others have done or think they would do with two kits before I settle on something.

drum recording and mixing


I'd like a post about this. I will tell you, as simple as it get's, how I do stuff.

- bd mic pointing to the center for nice attack or not for more boom.
- sn 45º-60º towards sn center (no bottom mic)
- oh at 1.8 mts height (if the drummer hits them hard)

So, after that (good sound coming out), I just record and apply the following:

Mixing MIDI drums: clipping/distortion.

I'm currently working on a music project in Garageband [yes, not the best DAW, but I'm comfortable with it, and I can't afford high-end DAWs]; while I think I'm able to mix most audio fairly well, I'm still having trouble with drum mixing. I'm using Addictive Drums for the drum input; while I'm able to "record" the MIDI tracks the way I want, I'm having trouble mixing them.


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