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drum tracking

Possible drum tracking idea?

Signal Chain:

2 Overheads (Cheap Nady's) into preamps of cheap Behr*(&(*& mixer, mixed as the main signal.

1 Kick Mic (Cheap Nady) into dbx pre-amp (heavy compression) into line input of Behr(*&$ mixer, mixed to taste.

1 Room Mic (AT2020) into dbx pre-amp (moderate compression to taste) into line input of Behr@#@^% mixer, mixed to taste.

Pan overheads hard left/right, and room mic and kick mic center.
I only have 2 inputs from my AD into my DAW.

In the box:

good comp for hip hop and r&b's drum tracking SSL etc...

Any good suggestions for good comp for hip hop and r&b's drum tracking. i much like SSL comp sound. so i'm not engineer and just producer & track maker. but i always touch it any project.
in case of low budget project, i have to do recording and tracking drum sound myself. i'm thinking to buy ant good 2-bus good comp.(Alan SmartC2,SSL LOGIC FX G384,XLogic G Series Compressor etc..) also I like and use to dbx160. EL8 is good comp but it was not "the one".
Somebody knows any good comp of $1500~3000 range.


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