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Can anyone give a review for - Sound Magic Serenade DSD Workstation?

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4 years 1 month
Hi there,

I am seeking anyone with experience with the http://www.supremep…"]Sound Magic Serenade DSD/DXD Workstation[/]="http://www.supremep…"]Sound Magic Serenade DSD/DXD Workstation[/].

I am looking at recording an album in Native DSD, and it seems like this would provide all the features to record, edit and mix an acoustic album in DSD on a laptop.

DSD recording software.

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13 years 11 months
Hi all,

I'm considering designing a DSD256 or DSD512 A/D converter, however, before doing so I'd like to know if there's any software available for editing such files (at a reasonable price level) ... Any of you know if such software exists and what it's called?

Thanks for any insights about this ;)


Free Hi-Res DSD/Wav Converter/Editor from Tascam

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9 years
Tascam has released a free program designed to convert and edit hi-res DSD: DSF, DSDIFF, and PCM/.Wav files.

I don't know anything about it - I've downloaded it to see what potential benefits it might have for me - but I haven't actually used it yet, so don't kill the messenger. I'm posting this strictly as a forum/public service announcement. ;)
- d.t.


Antelope Audio - Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC

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21 years 3 months
Antelope Audio is the next big bang in pro audio. thumb

I started following Antelope Audio a few years back and recently tested out, then bought the new Orion 32 for my hybrid summing system. From what I'm personally hearing, I just saw this article posted by hummingbirdmedia.

Korg MR2000SBK DSD Recorder

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21 years 3 months
Finally ordered the Korg MR2000SBK. Should be here in a few weeks. If you are using this already, or want to discuss it, please chime in :)
My current set-up will be:

DAW: Sequoia 12 > DA x 16> MixDream>Dangerous Master>MR2000SBK.

MR-2000S-BK Features:

• Compact 1U design is ideal for studio or live sound application

• 2-Track simultaneous recording; 2-Track simultaneous playback

• Advanced DSD format offers the highest fidelity recording and playback

DSD - Direct Stream Digital

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21 years 3 months
It appears that Sony and Phillips are at it again, with the new DSD format. Can anyone tell me what the implications are here? Are we all going to have to re-tool our studios to keep up with this technology? It seems to be rolling right over all the PCM technology advances that have been made.