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Recording an Orchestra using Royer ribbon microphones, with engineer Robert Friedrich


Grammy-winning Classical Engineer Robert Friedrich gives us an in-depth look at the recording techniques used when recording "The Carnival Of The Animals" with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Friedrich relied heavily on ribbon microphones to achieve the desired sound quality.

Mastering engineer said 16 bit wav file will be too loud?


Ok im. confused...
My mastering engineer sent me a 16 bit wav file...I sent this to CDbaby for distribution. CD baby ask for a 16 bit wav file and no other format.
In conversation with the mastering engineer over Facebook chat.
He has said that i shouldn't of sent the 16 bit wav file out for digital release because it was meant for audio CD replication and will be too loud.

I'm really confused because i thought there was no difference in the 16 bit wav file whether it be for replication or to be converted/encoded by music stores to mp3?

Brand New Sound Engineer Looking For Advice and Tips

Hello, I have been doing this for quite some time and well, i always felt like i was advancing in the quality of my craft, but recently i feel like since i cant go too school or afford classes that my knowledge of recording is very limited. and i was wondering if i could get tips to have my music sounding more professional. I'm going to leave a link to my latest work, (i did not produce the instrumental but i did record the vocals).

Interview with Mike Marsh, mastering engineer at The Exchange Studios

I recently added a new interview to my Oasis website and thought that some members of this forum may find it of interest; Mike Marsh mastered Oasis's album Be Here Now in 1997 and The Masterplan b-sides compilation in 1998, and has based this article on detailed notes he took during the original sessions at the Exchange studio. He has kindly provided lots of detail on his mastering techniques as well as the specifics of his work with Oasis. Many thanks to him for finding the time in his very busy schedule to contribute!

Grammy winning mastering engineer Vlado Meller to give master class in NYC


One of the world's most accomplished mastering engineers, two-time Grammy -winner Vlado Meller, has launched the http://www.masterin… Vlado Meller Mastering Workshop[/]="http://www.masterin… Vlado Meller Mastering Workshop[/]. This is a three-day intensive hands-on master class, debuting in New York City August 1-3 and September 19-21, 2012.