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ez drummer

EZ drummer, Triggers, and Digi 003

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10 years 9 months
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I cant seem to find any info on it. I run Pro Tools 8 and I have an acoustic drum kit that I want to attach triggers to. I also have a Digi 003 and EZ drummer software. I want to use the triggers with the software. I'm a bit confused as to how to do this. Is it as simple as plugging the triggers into the channels on the Digi 003 and routing it with EZ drummer?

thanks to anyone who can help.

EZ DRUMMER and Sonar 8 producer edition

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13 years 9 months
the question is simple (I think...):

I'm running EZ drummer within Sonar 8 producer edition and so far have managed to aution the grooves and even drag and drop them into the track box in sonar, but I just can't hear them when I press the space bar in sonar!

I DID, however, succeed in hearing them WHEN I OPENED EZD INTO A SINGLE TRACK, but if I attempt to open the 8 tracks altogether, nothing happens... they show up, but in grey colour and they don't play back!

EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer questions

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21 years 2 months
do both these drum softwares work with freebie downloadable sequencer programs, if so, which program would you recommend.

its just that i have enough budget for the software and no more, so free sequencer is required !

I am only using sequencer for one purpose, rhythmn tracks only.

thanks for helping.

EZdrummer? KitCore? Superior Drummer? Addictive Drums? Agh..

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12 years 7 months
So what's the best? Seriously, I need some top of the line sounding drum samples for my recording setup. I've been trying out EZdrummer and the Drumkit From Hell.. It's good, but not quite as good as I want. I hear Superior Drums is just as good as a real drummer, but I need some verification before I go for something in that price.

So what's your opinion on Drum Samples?

Problem with Ezdrummer and Nuendo.

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21 years 2 months
Hey guys,
I just got Ezdrummer and I'm using Nuendo3 as my DAW. But when I drag the tracks out of Ezdrummer and put it in the midi track in my DAW and set the midi to go to Ezdrummer I still hear piano notes being played along with the drums being played. How do I fix this? Or did I miss a step or do something wrong? Lemme know! thanks!


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21 years 2 months
Hey guys,

I have been searching for a way to add on beats to my music and have finally discovered EZdrummer. I was just wondering if anyone has used it and can comment on it. Also, i only have Cubase LE, will it work with this. I feel silly for asking this but i am new so i have no shame lol - I record everything on my Multitrack recorder and than edit in cubase- I'm assuming i can just add the beat/s i like to my track (the stereo mastered track) then export and import to my MTR) and all will be in sync and then i can run another master track and include the drums?