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In-wall fiberglass insulation question

I am building a small scale studio in the near future. i will be building the stud framing out of 2" x 6"'s to add a bit more space for insulation to dampen the audio from both the inside and out. I am debating if I should use R-19 or R-24 fiberglass insulation for the in wall insulation. I would have gone with spray in, but it doesn't last that well over the long run.

The building total will be 12' x 14' so space is really limited... I just figured that since I wanted to try for the best insulation from noise and heat transferI should go with the extra 2".

Fiberglass panels covered with fabric? Trim ideas?

I don't know if this is the right forum to discuss this, but it has to do with studio design, and in particular, decorating!

My studio and control room are covered with fiberglass panels that are covered with fabric. Looks great and sounds great, except for the seams where the fabric is stapled to the 1" x 3" board between panels. Fabric butts up against fabric and there is a row of staples.

701 fiberglass panels avialble-

I just located some 701 fiberglass for sound control. Cost- about $1.60 for a 2'x4'x1.5" piece. As far as I know, thats a great price. BUT: He'll only sell it in a pack of 30 :eek: . Way too much for my needs. Anyone around CLEVELAND (200 mile radius) want to split it with me?

They also have the rigid tubes of figerglass- 10"- $2.54/L.F. and 14"- $3.35/L.F. (like an ASC Tube Trap) Easy to make your own traps and treatments. This is a great find for anyone in the area. I figure I can drive 100miles and you can drive 100 miles.


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