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Acoustic foam placement

I'm trying to do some sound treatment in the room I'm using for my home studio on little to no budget. I was given a piece of this acoustic foam from a friend that had some left over. It's 2.7 metres by about 1 metre. Anybody who has done acoustic treatment for audio recording have advice in whether I'd be better off to put the whole thing on one wall or cut it into 2 or 3 parts and spread it around. Maybe a bit on the ceiling above the drums?

So far I've got a queen mattress in one of the corners and reasonably thick curtains over both windows.

Walls: Sound Isolation in Room with Foam Concrete Slab Insulation

I'm planning to sound-isolate an already-converted garage built on concrete slab. I want to modify the walls to have mass-air-mass with two layers of drywall inside and out.

The room has rigid foam insulation around the slab that protrudes into the room. The insulation, framing, and the drywall installed over it take up an additional 6"+ around the room perimeter. It seems the only way not to disturb the insulation is to add parallel framing on the inside, which I'd really like to avoid.

Kef 105.3 speakers foam surround repair?

I just bought a pair of KEf 105.3's for a song. the reason is the 2 visible lf drivers need their surrounds replaced as they are non existent. I assume the top LF drivers need repair too.

AS is the speakers are very bass weak. Before I spend $500 repairing the foam surrounds I need to verify that there bass response will be improved after repairing the lf drivers.
I"m using a sub so there is bass response, but i'm wondering if the repair is worth while and be an improvement.

Fixing Acoustic Foam Tiles

I recently replaced the acoustic treatment with some new acoustic tiles in my home soundroom.
These are strategically placed such as first points of reflection, etc also four centred on the main oposing wall followed by a line either side along the centre at evenly spaced intervals, also some corner bass traps.
While they look great, I find that due to not wanting a permanent fix I went for the option of using an adhesive velcro option so not to damage the paint on my 50 year old plaster board (ie drywall) walls.

Foam Pop Filter On Condenser Mic's When Recording Vocals?

Hey everyone.

I have a RODE NT1-A, and I'm not a big fan of its pop filter. Now, I've seen the band Queen have a condenser mic, similar to that RODE (in terms of look of the instrument), and they used a pop filter like this on it:

I asked a Guitar Center employee what he thinks about it, and he basically gave me a weird look, but in my head I was thinking that (QUEEN DID IT & THEY KICKED ASS) lol

Has anyone done it before?

studio foam

First of all my I have to say Im new to this and my sole objective is to get the best possible quality sound w/ my limited resources. I have a home studio where i use a bedroom about 9' wide and 6' long very small, inside that room I built an even smaller booth with a window about 4' wide and 6' long, the room itself has a window and my apartment is located in a noisy NYC neighborhood the room seems to have a lot of echo and reverb but then again its kinda empty.

foam or screen filter -- & where ?


I need a pop filter (or two). Two questions.

1) Are there significant sonic differences between foam & screen?

2) If not, I'm inclined towards foam. But prices for the name brand filters are simply outrageous. Can anyone suggest where I might find a reasonable source for filters that might fit

i) an AT2020
ii) an SM57

or, failing that, a source for the appropriate type of foam that I might cut into the right shape?

Thanks kindly.

- Richard

Concrete + Foam for Vocal Room and control room?


Any Cheap way to do the Vocal Room and Control Room Treatement? 12x13 ft (vocal room), 12x17 ft (control room) Height about 10-12 ft.

I got some friends told me to use the Foam which is using in the Roadcase's 2 inch thick.Do you think it's posible to use for Room Treatement Purpose?

What do think about Concrete and Solid wood?which is more useful for Room Partition for Vocal Room and Control Room as a base?



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