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Can I use a gate to pan?

Hello, I'm new to this forum, and fairly new at recording. I am working on a didgeridoo solo CD and would like to be able to have an automatic way to pan certain of the didgeridoo's sounds left and right. The style that I play is kind of like beat-boxing, and the didgeridoo comes out sounding similar to a five piece drum-kit.

Best All-In-One Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Gate For TLM 103

Aloha Guys... Finally putting together a professional studio with some quality gear.

Please give me your opinions on the Best All-In-One Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Gate For TLM 103.

If it makes any difference, I'm running Sonar 8 Producer with an RME Fireface 800 Interface.

I appreciate all responses given. =)


Aggregate device question

Has anybody tried to use a FireWire audio interface and a USB audio interface together with Apple's aggregate device option? Would it be best to just pick up another FireWire interface for data flow/latency issues?

I have a PreSonus Firepod and would like to add 2 extra channels on occasion. (Yeah, I just can't get the S/PDIF thing to work.)


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