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genelec 1032

Genelec 8250a vs. 1032a

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21 years
Hi guys. Just wanted your opinions on which monitors you guys would go with. Been saving for a long time and want to buy monitors that will last me for many years and these two look like good selections for near fields:

I am open to any suggestions you guys have.

Any info appreciated.

P.S. Do you think the Genelecs are some of the best in their price range, or are there other monitors I should be looking at?

ADAM 3A vs genelec 1032A or 1031A

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21 years
i am going to upgrade my JBL LSR 32 monitors. I have short listed above monitor. Please suggest me the better one. I am afraid of ADAM's ribbon Technology, Is these tweeters r rigid. In JBL I have problem with tweeter, (tweeters in JBL are very delicate). Please tell me wat to do?
Thanx in advance :D