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Recording Grand Piano

Here's the reposted item on how you can record grand pianos - I'll explain what made me do it. It's quite common to record what I've always called 'natural acoustic' recordings. Solo singers of all kinds, or duos, small ensembles or choirs - often in really nice venues with great acoustics and it's the sort of thing that seems to encourage stereo recording techniques. We get excited by X/Y, rarely use A/B and more and then people explore Blumlein stereo and even M/S techniques. A few experiment with the spacing and the angles and discover ORTF and other clever systems.

Recording Grand Piano (Classical)

I'm in need of some advice. I've recently taken a piano faculty position at a University, and have been given quite a bit of funding to use as I see fit and I'd like to dedicate a portion of it to a decent 2-mic setup. As a preface, I would like to say that we have an excellent engineer who has a ton of experience and an awesome equipment list. He's also a very busy man, and I don't want to bother him every time I want to do a bit of recording, especially since I tend to record at odd hours. To be clear, I do have plans for a solo classical album, and I will be exclusively going through him when I record it.

Recording a Yamaha C3E Grand Piano

My audio interface is Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 and it records straight to SD. I want to record my Yamaha C3E grand piano in a way that I won't ever need to go to a studio. I currently use Zoom H2n. I want to record 4-8 hours per day. Solo, duets, four hands etc. I have a list of microphones in matched pairs (many of them are stereo too). Which one will give me super professional results? Keep in my mind that my room is not treated so I need something to cancel the room as much as possible.

Recording grand piano live with wirless mics in Carnegie hall

Currently I am using an MXL v63m mic to record piano concerts which requires phantom power and then different connectors to my canon HF20 camera. Not much experience on micing and this is for my wife who is a classical pianist that will perform in Carnegie hall in Oct.
I appreciate advise as to which wireless mic or mic's i can buy which will have connectors to my 3.5mm canon camera. Some places they do not allow cables running around. If wireless is not a good option which mic is better with cables. the price range for mic $100-200 or less.

Pedal Noise from Grand Piano

I'm currently attempting to record a grand piano, and have run in to a few little hick ups. To give you an idea of my set up... I have one Shure SM81 mic which is running through a lower end M Audio interface. I wish I could record it in stereo, but this is all I can afford at the moment. So I feel like the sweet spot is with the mic pointing straight down at the mid section of the piano (lid up)... So far this gives the best results tone-wise. The problem with this spot is that I am picking up big time noise every time the pianist pushes the pedals!