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hafler p-1500 vs. ART SLA1

in my search for an affordable, quality power amp to run my old yorkville YSM1s i have narrowed down to the Hafler p-1500 (or maybe the p-1000) and the ART SLA-1. The SLA-1 is the recommended match for the YSM1s (made by the same company, duh). both have had good reviews. any suggestions either way?
i might also try to repair this old bryton 3b up for sale in my area.
anyway, help is always appreciated. thanks.


btw, still got an eye out for the Crown d-150 suggested to me in my last (deleted) thread.

Passive BM6 Speakers and Hafler P4000 Studio Amp

BM6 passive speakers and [1] Hafler P4000 Studio Amplifer. This equipment was used in an Avid Symphony Suite. Absolutely perfect condition. Speakers have wall mounts. New, the speakers were $1800 and the amp was $675

Dude is selling it for $1000 even.

Good deal? Im looking for good speakers and was shopping between BM6a's and Event 2020s.

What other uses can I use the Hafler for? Dont know much about Amplifiers. And should I go for Passive or should i go for Active Monitors? Arent Actives Better?

cheap computer speaker sound better than Hafler amp/resolv65

Thanks for everyone who gave me advice on my newbie home recording equipment.
Thanks (zemlin, sdevino, Cucco, ShellTones, Randyman)

But why do my $50 computer speakers sound bassier & louder than my Samson Resolv65 + Hafler Pro2400 amp combo?
My studio monitors definitively sound crisp, clean & no matter how much I crank up the volume the sound sounds clean and does not disturb the ear. Actually I keep the amp cranked all the way & omni-studio USB all the way and the sound is great, but not loud or thumping bass.

Hafler TRM8 vs. Mackie Hr824

Has anyone had the chance to do AB comparison between these speakers ?
I made a few listenings with the 824's, but when I heard the Hafler I was truly amazed, I felt like the speakers had vanished and the music (and sound) was now revealed to me with better image, depth and clarity then ever before, detail without the harshness of cheaper monitors.

Unfotunately the magic lasted only about an hour and I since then I dream of the moment I'll be mixing with them.



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