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hafler p-1500 vs. ART SLA1

in my search for an affordable, quality power amp to run my old yorkville YSM1s i have narrowed down to the Hafler p-1500 (or maybe the p-1000) and the ART SLA-1. The SLA-1 is the recommended match for the YSM1s (made by the same company, duh). both have had good reviews. any suggestions either way?
i might also try to repair this old bryton 3b up for sale in my area.

Passive BM6 Speakers and Hafler P4000 Studio Amp

BM6 passive speakers and [1] Hafler P4000 Studio Amplifer. This equipment was used in an Avid Symphony Suite. Absolutely perfect condition. Speakers have wall mounts. New, the speakers were $1800 and the amp was $675

Dude is selling it for $1000 even.

Good deal? Im looking for good speakers and was shopping between BM6a's and Event 2020s.