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Man...If only the hi hats were more realistic. BFD3/Roland demo

came across this while I'm watching tutorials on BFD and a bunch of others. I can totally 'live with this' level of realism and quality lol. The snare roll articulations are remarkable imo. Maybe I've just getting tricked by excitement on my part or hype of my speakers or the video.

Hi-hat bleed (not samplers) is killing the drummer profession in the studio

Hi I work in a recording studio. Each time I record and mix a drum, I find myself spending more brain energy figuring out hout to make the drums sound as good as a sampler track without having too much hi-hat in the mix. This is sad.

Tape on SM57 on snare to reduce hi-hat bleed?

I came across this idea while attending a little workshop put on by some of the heavies here in town. One engineer (the youngest, but most talented) recommended this technique during one "class".

As I recall, he put the tape on opposite side of the 57 from the hihat, along the grill side. Anyone ever heard of this?

hi-hat mic, whats good, and what placement?


Hi guys,

this is my first topic and would like to know a good mic for the hi-hat. As you have probable heard in today's music, the hi-hat seems to be a little more enphasized in the mix (depending on the genre) and i just want to know of a good mic that will sound good close up and what placement would be good for it?