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My latest instrumental.. trying to nail the drums. How do they sound...?

Hey all,

I've been working on a new instrumental. Well, it's actually a re-work of a track I first attempted 20-odd years ago. Anyhow, what does everyone think? Have I nailed it?.. I'm trying to get the drums to sound 'decent'.. Might have over embellished in a few places..

At usual, I'm mixing on my trusty DT-990 pro headphones.



Prog rock guitar instrumental -- trying to go for a larger drum sound. How did I do?

Hey All,

This is my latest composition that I recorded over the last week. As usual, I mixed it on headphones.

In contrast to some of my earlier recordings, I though I'd try out a different drum kit (courtesy of EZDrummer) and tried to sharpen my programming skills. I quite like the sounds -- seems quite 'live' but would be interested to hear what other people think.

Does it work?

Compositionally, the track is a mix of 5/4 and 4/4 time signatures.

rock instrumental mix feedback wanted...

Hi, I'm getting ready to release a digital single soon... This is a mix I did and I'd love to have you guys criticize it! Overall balance, automations, energy flow, and etc
Thank you in advance.


If the cloud doesn't work,

When recording Cubase records both instrumental and vocals

Basically every time I attempt to record on Cubase both my beat and my vocals record on one track, so basically as I record Cubase record both my vocals and instrumental at the same time which leaves me with a instrumental as one track, and vocals and instrumental as anouther track, something is wrong here the vocals should be recoreded on their own seprate from the instrumental.

My equipment:-
M-Audio Detla 66 sound card with breakout box
Xenyx802 Mixer
isk Condenser microphone

Recording a three piece instrumental band with 2 mics - advi

Recording a three piece instrumental band with 2 mics

Hi everyone

I play in this band:

and we're looking to do some recordings of new material.

We've got new practice room with a nice acoustic and have some basic recording gear that we want to use to record demos. There's a recording on our myspace site (You and Me) which used two mics, which was recorded live in a venue - not exactly ideal and we set up the mics quite haphazardly.



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