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Studio Projects VTB-1 mic/instrument pre

A couple years ago, a friend of mine traded me a Studio Projects VTB1 Mic Pre for an M-Audio USB 4 channel Midi i/o I had laying around. ( I have plenty of midi I/O options, I wasn't using the M-Audio anyway, so I thought it was a fair trade).

A few years have gone by since, and with the exception of making sure it worked and passed audio, I haven't really used it - after testing it, I put it back in its box and into the closet she went.

ISA instrument input (Di) vs. external Di ?

Hi guys !
I've been asking myself this for a while. Most boutique preamps have Di inputs but I'd like to know if it would sound better to use an external Di plugged in the mic input of the same Di.

I mostly use my ISA Di for bass and sometime to for guitar direct sound (as a backup). I found the ISA to sound good, but I just not want to be missing having a better sound for a couple of hundred box...

Should I invest in a good external Di like Radial's if so which one would you recommand ?

Tweaking Tuning on on a guitar or studio instrument - limits of what can be done?

I cut a lead improv over a bass track & rhythm track I laid down and ended up being surprised with the result (enough not to delete). There's a couple areas where there's some tuning anomalies - partly due to the fact the guitar was a fully floating Floyd Rose that I hadn't locked into hardtail mode and that I cut this at the end of a rather long playing session. This is particularly obvious on a couple of intervals and a few unison bends (which I tried to avoid playing) - What I don't know is if this kind of stuff can (or would be) fixed in the mix.

Need help finding a virtual instrument (percussion)


I'm new to this forum, but I'm fairly sure there are more than enough people here who could help me out. I'm looking for a percussion virtual instrument (preferably sampled for Kontakt, but any other will do) that gives the sound of mallets with fabric heads playing on toms hehe sorry if it sounds kind of funny, but I'm looking for that specific easy-pounding sound.

Any ideas?