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AKG C451E and C460B with different capsules (CK1, CK1S, CK3, CK 61, CK22, CK62)

Hello, I'm new here and I don't know how much interest for this kind of stuff is there, but anyway: I did some comparisons between different combinations of AKG bodies and capsules; the file names are more or less self explaining.

460JW is Jim Williams moded 460B body, 460Stock is the stock body, and which capsule is attached you cen derive from the file name.

QuiQui - Everything Is A Remix (195 songs in 72 minutes)

Hi, In the past year, I've worked on a project called 'Everything Is A Remix'. In this mix, I wanted to tell a story about sampling and remixing and show how important is has been in the evolution of music. I ended up making the ultimate mashup, including 195 songs in a mix of 72 minutes. I would really like to get some reactions and feedback from you guys!

Revox A77 MK3 Problems


I have a Revox A77 MK3, sr: G170460, two tracks, with 7 1/2 and 15 ips speeds. I did not used it since some times.

I have a problem, when I turn it on, even wen I did not push any recording buttons, and without any input signal, the vu-meter are topping to the maximum and still topping to the maximum until I turn my Revox off.