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kick microphones

Mic placement on a Cocktail set kick drum?

I have a cocktail drum kit, with a tall, 15" barrel drum that stands upright and serves both as the kick and the floor tom. It has small air holes, but no mic port. The kit sounds great, and I can get a solid one-mic recording from it without problems. But I need to do some multi-mic setups, and wanted some informed opinions about recording the kick. As I see it, there are 3 options based on the standard approach:

kick mic on snare

im thinking to myself how much i hate the snare sound on most recordings. too bright, too snappy, sounds like a tin can.. etc.

so pensados fb page asked about snare mics and one or two people like using kick/bass mics. im gonna try it regardless but im wondering:

what are your thoughts?
ever done it? over or under?
what were the results?

Kick Mic Recommendations?

Hi, I am going to be buying a new Kick mic for drum tracking at home soon and would like some recommendations on Kick Mics.
I would go for the AKG D112 but have never been a big fan of the sound it produces

I got my best ever kick sound out of a BeyerDynamic M88 at a studio i interned at recently but it is just too expensive for me at the moment, so does anybody know a similar but cheaper alternative to the M88 that i could look for?

list of mic to decide on kick/snare/OH - pls share comments


I am from Hong Kong. I will record drums for a hiphop/rock/funky band next week. I have to decide which mic to buy very soon. I used to record drum with 10mics and I hope to stick with it (kick x2, snare x2, toms x3, OH x2, plus a room mic). Below are the mics that I hope to decide with the tight budget I have got:

Kick (big lo sound) - D112 or D6
Kick (mid/hi skin sound) - beta91 or D2 or sm57 or beta57

Snare (surface) - sm57 or beta57 or i5 or beta98 or D2

Choosing a mic pre for kick and snare

Hi All,

I am a studio owner/operator in Western Australia, I soon will upgrade my pres for kick and snare. I record metal predominantly, I won't bore you with all the sub-genres, but basically my favourite drum recordings are by Dave Otero(cephalic carnage work) and Terry Date/Shawn Lopez (deftones work). I want that punch that those engineers captured, but I want to use those tones in a more extreme gammet of metal.

I want an API 3124+, but I'd like to know if this pre was used on the drums on any of the albulms I'm about to list.

Really good mic for Kick drum on a budget

Ok. Sounds a daft question but I need to do an overhaul. Im after a really good sounding kick drum mic on a budget. I have had to sell a load of my gear to pay the deposit on my new house. Now im back on track so need to re-stock but have much less money.

I had a Sure kick mic until a few months back and it was a great allrounder but I dont want to spend £150 ($180 at exchange rates I think) t on a new mic really.

Any good suggestions?

Cheers guys.

kick mic test E902

Hi all,

wanted to do a quick experiment with the e902 to see how it sounded in a few different positions regarding kick drum. There are 4 different positions, it was more of an educational thing for myself to see how this mic reacts and thought the results may be of use to some, they were for me! (in all positions the mic is pointing at where the beater makes contact with the drum head, no processing has been done).

inside kick, very close to batter head: