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I currently use an RME ADI-2 Pro as my main "interface" (I know, it's not an interface lol). During my 2-daw mixdown capture, I send all tracks of a song/beat to the Lavry DA11 via SPDIF, and run the analog outs of the DA11 into the A/D on the ADI-2 Pro, and I'm loving the results so far. However, I was wondering, If I was to replace the Lavry DA11 with the new Apollo Twin MK2, how would this affect the quality of the captured mixdown? Do you think I would lose out on anything? I know that the Twin Mk2 has updated converters now, which are the same as in their big boy flagships. Changing the Lavry out for the Twin would make things more portable and quite different since I would have an actual interface and gain some extra inputs and also some coloring options with UAD plugs (which I've used before).

Thanks in advance :D


audiokid Sat, 01/21/2017 - 11:53

Lavry AD and DA 11's are both excellent. I do exactly as you with Lavry Blacks. Lavry analog is natural, warm and very smooth. I've not experienced RME (DA) as being better to Lavry. They sound a bit colder. I've compared (owned) Lavry DA and AD 10 and 11's to:

  • RME ADI 8 QS,

  • RME FF800,
  • Antelope Orion 32,
  • Prism Atlas,
  • Prism Orpheus
  • UA Apollo 16,

All of these are very good, but not Lavry.
Lavry is warmer and more open on all counts.
Best suggestion would be to try and compare this and then weigh out the pro's and con's.

Hope that helps, please chime in and report what you end up doing. Its good to have another 2 DAW system user with us! Cheers!

pEEN M. Sat, 01/21/2017 - 13:37

Thanks! I've been thinking about it for years, then made the jump after reading a thread here and had my suspicions confirmed. Luckily, I already had 2 DAWs and most of the needed parts.

Anyway, I've tried alot of converters and interfaces these last two years, and ended up with the Lavry DA11, so I agree with your sentiment. But, if you haven't tested the all new ADI-2 Pro, you really should! It cannot compare to any RME thing I've ever heard. I also like it better then anything else I've used. People on GS are going bananas over it, lol..

My current chain is like this: Lavry DA11 D/A into RME ADI-2 Pro A/D. This is just during 2DAW mixdown capture. Otherwise, I use the ADI-2 Pro as my main D/A. I also love running soft-synths or drums out of the DA11 and into the Great River ME-1NV and into the ADI-2 Pro. MMMMmmm, goodies.

My question wasn't regarding the ADI-2 Pro D/A compared or versus the Lavry DA11, it was in regards to the new UAD Apollo Twin MK2. I know that it's a silly question, and that the Apollo Twin probably can't compare to the well-rounded beefiness of the DA11.. I guess I just needed to "think out loud" in regards to the possible switch..

Hmm. I'm just gonna have to try it I think. I'll keep you posted :)

And that's awesome dude! What festivals are you playing??? The economics here are high-end as always, lol. If you're not getting put up in a hotell or something then I'd recommend couchsurfing :P