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Monitoring Delay Cubase 10 Pro (Live Sound) Sucky Components. HELP!

So I use Cubase 10 pro to livestream our churches services. So the way I have it set up is the board we use (si expression 3) sends signal through usb to Cubase 10 on my laptop. It is mixed and then sent to a stereo output back to the board and sent out the board into Boxcast (our streaming provider) The issue I am having is sometimes (not all the time) one of the channels is delayed but the other channels all are fine. The channel that is delayed seems to be random and I have tried everything I can to figure out why it seems to be doing this.

Live sound: 4x 5KW amplifier from Linea Research

Linea Research have released the latest and most powerful member of their 44M family: the 44M20. This has the mind-boggling specs of four 5KW power amplifiers in one 2U 13Kg chassis, designed for touring companies where subs have to be powered and fed independently from the mids/tops. Its main input is rated to work from 85V to 250V, although by my quick calculations the mains current draw at 85V would have be around 250A for all channels at maximum output.

Here is the Linea page on the 44M family.

Here is a PSW report of road-testing the unit.

Mixing for live sound reinforcement

Here's an interesting article from PSW about mixing for sound reinforcement of a live performance.

Edit: If you find that this link does not take you directly to the article but gives you an advertising page first, try going to the original article page. In this format, you will need to click on to the next 3 pages using the buttons at the bottom of each page.

Books on PRACTICAL live sound implementation?

Hello experts, jarjar reporting for duty.

¿Can you please recommend me some good books with "hands on" information about how to implement a live sound event?

I've looked. But the ones I've found on amazon always have too much theory. I have theory books. I want the "how to's", the "be careful's", the "what not to do's". All the applied stuff.

Im not reluctant of theory, but I want a practical book to understand how to implement shows at different levels from "corner cafe-type portable gig" to "Rock in Rio". Topics like:

Venue scouting and measurement to gather gear selection criteria
PA Power calculations (but not only the formulas: the real world "what amp would you pick for how many speakers, hung this high", or the "how many speakers per amp, per dividing network")
Ring out specifics: how to ring out several type of systems for efficient performance and high dynamic range/headroom
Acoustic/gear selection considerations between indoor and outdoor events
Human resources management of live sound events
Crowd control considerations
Health, safety and insurance
System operation tips and tricks
Damage control, risks
Good practices for unwanted issues during the show
Use of digital vs. analog mixing desks

Thank you for your time!

How to solve rumbling on the stage caused by Subs?

Hello experts,

Jarjar here. Misa confused about Subs causing rumble on the stage.
I worked as stage hand to a concert last week. They had problems with this rumbling movement caused by the subs. The subs were positioned in front of the stage, piled in 6 pairs, so there were 12 subs in total. But the vibration the subs caused was annoying for the musicians on stage.

So, the techs decided to line up the subs instead of putting one of top of another. They took out their calculators and figured that if they put one sub 1mt in front of another the sound would phase up. Also, they said, it would take care of the rumbling on stage. But it didnt do much.

¿How would you solve this vibration if ceiling suspension is not an option?

BTW, it was an outdoor festival with at least several thousand people in it.

Mobile Live Sound Rig (half rack space unit)

Starting in January, I am going to be going into schools with one other guy and putting on presentations. We need a small, portable system to drag around with us that is easy to set up and strike. We need two inputs for each of our headsets, two more for each of our guitars, one for playing music, and one for miscellaneous. Here is my idea. I want to use a unit like this:
(Dead Link Removed)

Except instead of super deep, full rack mounts, I want to take build a gatorcase with a small, 4mic preamp soundboard and a 6U HALF RACK space beneath it. In the six rack spaces:
-2 wireless headset receivers
-2 wireless guitar pack receivers
-A half rack EQ unit for EQing the school gyms (hopefully I can find a half rack unit that's stereo... Do you guys know of any?)
-A half rack power conditioner. This will probably be the hardest thing to find. I might have to get it custom made. I have never seen a half rack power conditioner. Have you guys? I know some guys on this forum will tell me I don't need a power conditioner, but being in a different school gyms every day next year with no familiarity with the electricity situation of each location, I feel that its necessary; but its up for discussion.

We're probably going to go with two 750watt powered Yorkville speakers and one small powered monitor. The idea is to leave the 4 wireless receivers plugged into the board at all times, and the soundboard and all of the rack mounted units plugged into the power conditioner. So all we have to do for set up is plugin the power conditioner with an extension cord and set up the speakers.

Can you guys think of anything else I need, or have any other ideas I should toss around? It will be hard to find the half rack stereo EQ and power conditioner, and someone that can make the casing for me. If you guys have any pointers, please pass them on. I just thought of this idea earlier today, and have been mulling it around. It's unconventional, but I think it would be really slick, and small enough to check as baggage on a plane, which will be a huge bonus for us.

Pax Caritas et lol,

New live sound / remote rig? PreSonus 16.0.2

You know how one "sensible" purchase can lead to another, which can lead to another... Well I might be getting started on one of those spirals. One of the bands I'm in is probably going to be playing a lot of local gigs in small venues where we have to provide the sound support and mix from the stage. I'm thinking of replacing my A&H mixwiz and a couple of dbx equalizers with PreSonus 16.0.2. Much more versatile rig and much smaller footprint - and the sale of old equipment will keep the cost pretty low. It's only 12 preamps, so that's a constraint. But it's plenty for the way we set up now.

So anyway, one of the cool features of the new PreSonus StudioLive boards is that you can hook to a laptop through firewire, set up a local network with a router, and then control the whole damned thing through a iPad. You can even set it up so that individual musicians can control their own aux mix with an iPad or iPhone. This means that I can control things from the stage, but go out to the front of house to tweak things during soundcheck (or have someone do tweaks from the audience during the show.) I know there are several regular posters who have played with StudioLive boards. Have you used these features? How do they work? Are they useful?

But this probably means buying a laptop with firewire. But if I go that far, I might as well record all the concerts. But if I do that, I might as well rethink my mobile recording rig. Anyway, forget that for the moment. My guitarist has a macbook pro, so we can at least try out all the featues before going down the long road. I'll post again on the issues of a recording laptop and a mobile recording rig.

Line 6 UX8 For Live Sound?

Hey everyone,

I use a Line 6 UX8 USB interface into an iMac with Cubase for recording. Would it be possible to use this same setup for a small (max 8 inputs) live gig? I am thinking I could use all my recording plugins to get a much better mix than I could with the Mackie console I usually use for live sound. The UX8 has 8 mono 1/4 inch outputs, so I could set two of them as the master out and a few more as monitors, right? Would this work? My iMac is pretty powerful (quad core i7, 8 gigs ram, SSD) so I think it could handle the processing. I am not sure about impedance, etc, though, and if it would be reliable enough to use live.

Pax Caritas et lol,

Small Venue (50-100) Live Sound

Doing sound for 4 bands, our first gig...Here's what I have (or have coming) for gear: (All Yorkville, being a Canuck)

AP812 Powered Mixer A, B Amps 450 watts into 4 ohms

Pr. YX15's 300 Watts pgm Plan to use these as FOH
Pr. E12's or PL10's for stage monitors (the E12's are probably the best spkr I have)
4 stands
LS200 powered sub

Also have rack with :
AP2020 (600W into 4 ohms)
AP500 (250W into 4)
SRV2000 Verb

Heavy/loud young rock bands
Plan to use the PA for vocals & keys only. What is the optimum way to go? Just use the powered mixer and leave the other stuff at home?